Top 5 Festivals in Costa Rica


Situated in Central America and surrounded by amazing tropical landscape and seas, Costa Rica has everything to offer to all types of travelers. It is true that its rich biodiversity mesmerizes the travelers but its true spirit lies in its numerous celebrations and festivities that take place all year round. Along with its vast range of flora and fauna, the various annual events and festivals of Costa Rica serve as a major tourist attraction. Though it is a Catholic country, its people love to enjoy parties and even use religious holidays as an excuse to celebrate. During the holiday season, the celebrations ramp up and it include everything such as carnival rides to fireworks, feasts, bullfighting, jubilant dancing and marimba music. Among the festivals, the biggest is the Zapote that happens in the eponymous neighborhood in San Jose and it features elaborate rollercoasters and the largest bullfights of the year. The longest party of the year is ‘Palmares’-Costa Rica’s equivalent of Octoberfest. There are also many other festivals celebrated in Costa Rica that attracts plenty of tourists all around the year from all around the world. Here goes top five festivals in Costa Rica:

Envision Festival:

Featuring live concerts, yoga, trapeze and lots of communing on the beach, Envision Music, Art and Sacred Movement Festival usually takes place during the month of February. This festival is perfect for the conscious people from around the globe.

Fiestas de los Diablitos:

‘Fiestas de los Diablito’ means ‘Festival of the Little Devils’. This festival takes place in December and in the second half of February respectively and held in two indigenous communities, Boruca and Rey Cuure. People who join the festival, they don masks and wear costumes representing ancestral spirits and then a representation of a battle between the diablitos (Boruca Indians) and the toro (Spanish troops) via dancing. They also drink chicha, a fermented corn beverage, out of hollow gourds. With the fireworks and food in Rey Curre south of San Isidro de El General, this scene is completed .

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Fiestas Palmares:

This festival is actually the biggest cowboy party of the country. Usually this event lasts for two whole weeks and it takes place in January. It is a mass event with horse parades, carnivals rides, rodeos, musical performances and seemingly infinite supply of beer. About a million people join this street festival from every corner of the country. A major component of this event is a lavishly organized horseback riding parade. This festival has assumed national importance. This festival also include a Toros a la Tica that is a Costa Rican type bullfighting that doesn’t create much bloodshed and violence rather it is more comical in nature. It is said that this event is a pickpocket’s dream so it is recommended to take care of your wallet and keep it is a safe place.

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Límon Carnival:

In Costa Rica, possibly October is the most colorful and festive month. In this month people start preparing for heading to Puerto Limon (adjacent to the Caribbean coast of Costa Rica) for celebrating annual carnival. The events comprise of carnival queen election, dance, food and parade and covers 2 weekends. During this festival, the multicultural province of Limon bustles with activities and the costumes and floats that parade through the town seem to grow more elaborate, represent the culture of the area.

Semana Santa or Easter:

This festival starts on Thursday and ends on Sunday. Costa Rican regard a religious event or festival in high esteem and celebrate as a party. Semana Santa or Easter-the Holy Week, celebrating demise and resurrection of Christ is celebrated by the people of the country. Though the processions are held in each city by Catholic churches, the procession in San Jose city is the main attraction since the cast of the National Theatre Company participates in it. This company features various bands and professional musicians. People who do not take part in the religious celebrations, they can spend some leisure time in the beach area.

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