Nosara: Costa Rica’s Hidden Tropical Treasure

The beaches of Nosara are known to be one of the best kept secrets of Costa Rica. This place in this majestic coastal country is perfectly tucked in between the jungles of Costa Rica but is blessed with three divine beaches apt for surfing, swimming, snorkeling, diving and many more.

To those who have ventured the beaches of Costa Rica, Nosara may somehow remind you of Montezuma because it is a melting pot of culture, modernity, ethnicity and most of all, natural beauty.

Located 55 kilometers southwest of Nicoya and 266 kilometers from the capital San Jose, the paradise of Nosara is somewhat a priceless treasure found after a grueling and painstaking hunt. The roads pose difficulty but after the long wait and the challenging ride, you know you’ve arrived in paradise.

The Ostional Wildlife Refuge

The Ostional Wildlife Refuge is the second most important turtle nesting refuge in Costa Rica. This is where over thousands of olive ridley turtles come every year to give birth to their young. Playa Pelada and Playa Ostional, Playa Guiones along with Playa Nosara are all encompassed in the vicinity of this refuge.

The Beaches of Nosara

The beaches of Nosara may be most popular as hot surfing spots the world over considering it boasts of consistent waves and good breaks. But more than the surfers enjoying the waves and the people watching in awe, Nosara is more than just the boards.

    Playa Pelada: In between Punta Nosara and Punta Guiones, Playa Pelada is dubbed as the most beautiful beach in Nosara. It may be a small spot but this beach is well-loved for its curving white sands perfect for a quiet stroll and shell hunting to name a few. If you want solitude as you read your book or write some lines amid warm waters and sugar-colored sands, then this is the beach for you. If you want a bit more action, the part of the beach fronting Olga’s Bar is a good place to spot local fishermen getting the freshest catch for the day or locals and tourists playing football.

    Playa Guiones: This beach is home to majority of Nosara’s hotels and restaurants so if you’re one who likes a more commercialized beach, Playa Guiones is right for you. It is a 6-km stretch of pure white sand and home to the greatest breaks you can experience on your board. If you want something different, you can bike along the shores during low tides. Go a bit further north and you’ll find greats spots for snorkeking.

    Playa Ostional: This is a long, dark sand beach that is famous for hollow and big waves. But it is more popular to tourists because thousands of olive ridley turtles come and nest there between the months of July and December. You’d be surprised as to how many tourists go to Playa Ostional to witness this one of a kind spectacle.

    Playa Nosara: Like Playa Ostional, this is a long dark sand beach most often deserted but loved by fishermen, surfers  and ridlley turtles which makes it a perfect place to spend some alone time if you’re tired of all the noise and the crowds. It stretches from Playa Ostional all the way to Punta Nosara and the Nosara Rivermouth where a lot of crocodiles live.

The beaches of Nosara are impeccable if you want nothing more than a peaceful and relaxed time in Costa Rica. So forget about the 4×4’s, kayaking and mountain biking along steep slopes for a moment and take a walk along the shore and linger on the calm seas of the paradise that is Nosara.

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