Topo’s tree house


Topo’s tree house is that informal, relaxing Costa Rican retreat you need in order to spend a holiday free of worries and stress. All of us have dreamed at least once of living in a tree house. You are never too old to fulfill your dreams and have the chance of spending the night listening to the gentle sounds of the jungle and the day exploring it. Between tree branches you’ll leave behind the stress of everyday life and get closer and closer to the nature’s secrets in a one of a kind experience.


topo tree house nature viewThis tree house located in Cahuita, Costa Rica, stretches over three floors. At the first floor you will be impressed to see one of the walls is actually a tree root surprising visitors with its intricate shapes. Facilities include a full kitchen, dining room, bathroom and a terrace with a view towards a tropical garden. You will surely find fascinating the outdoor shower, placed between the tree’s roots. The second floor is similar, except for the two elegant bedrooms and beautifully garnished bathroom. The third floor is more private and cozy thanks to its little terrace with iron chairs and table.


Your stay here will be pleasant and comfortable because you will enjoy all modern facilities such as cable TV, wi-fi, microwave, phone service, private balcony, barbecue grill, fish ponds, hammocks, spa services, parking, garage, and, not the least, security. If you are interested in this kind of holiday, keep in mind that wild animals live in the tree and that the tree house is not a safe place for small children.


topo tree house entranceThe tree house is located between carefully groomed tropical gardens which nevertheless still keep their naturalness. They are the perfect environment for different species of birds and insects (harmless to humans). The landscape is completed by water ponds hosting fish, turtles, frogs and aquatic flowers so that visitors feel almost as if they were in heaven. Further amenities include a surfers’ beach, Playa Negra, where you can also visit the well-known “Reggae Bar” and enjoy a refreshing drink and a delicious grill. The Reggae Dancehall awaits those looking for a great party.

Passion for nature:

The retreat was born as the result of the owner’s love for nature and passion for poison dart frogs. He left Germany to come to Cahuita and build this tree house in the place he felt like home from the very first moment he set foot on it. He struggled to make his childhood dream come true and eventually was able to build this tree house which fills its visitors with a feel of harmony and peace. This project developed not overlooking an important issue, nature conservation. Actually, the gardens designed at Topo’s Tree house represent a shelter for local species and help wildlife prosper. So it’s not unusual to share the tree house’s terrace and surrounding gardens with monkeys, iguanas, hummingbirds, toucans and butterflies.


Topo’s tree house
Playa Negra, Cahuita (Costa Rica)
Phone: (+506) 2755 01 05 / 8887-86-06

Topos Tree House from Cahuita Costa Rica on Vimeo.

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