Tortuga Lodge and Gardens


Tortuga Lodge and Gardens

Housed on a private 146-acre land in the northeast Caribbean coast, Tortuga Lodge and Gardens is spectacularly natural vacation property that offers, among other things, beautiful views of the Torruguero National Park and its surreal looking waters. Encircled by verdant lawns, bright orchids and several tropical trees, this Costa Rica Expeditions owned riverside eco retreat is as well-known for its custom created nature/adventure activity packages as for its professional services and world-class in-house amenities. The lodge promotes itself more as a small-scale, exclusive and intimate high budget accommodation that is geared towards offering tourists a more old-fashioned and elite nature lodge experience. Tortuguero Lodge and Gardens is one of the oldest lodges in the area and offers  several exciting  jungle trails (that capture the rugged natural appeal of the region) together with innumerable luxury amenities (that are focused on providing a comfortable holiday experience).

Tours and Amenities

Tortuga Lodge and Garden’s guests can avail of a huge variety of serene nature based and high action adventure based activities. From embarking on exploratory tours of the backwater lagoons to enjoying sea adventures during the prime turtle hatching season, there is never a dull moment here. Other hot pursuits in the region are natural history tours (travel in a quaint boat to discover the remnants of the Caribbean’s glorious past), fishing tours and cultural village tours. Tortuga also offers a free guided twilight walk of the Tortuguero National Park with an expert naturalist guide. Visitors can witness an exciting range of wildlife species during early morning and noon hours in an unadulterated natural landscape.

In-house amenities at Tortuga Lodge and Gardens include an attractive looking pool, trickily built on the water edge to create an impression of the pool water merging with the main canal water.  The lodge also has an in-house river edge restaurant that features fixed generous menu meals (top that with pristine white linen tablecloths and candle lit tables) which have a delicious home-made appeal and are made using fresh local produces.  To give the entire dining experience a personalized and intimate touch, meals at the Tortuga Lodge and Gardens are served family style and not as a buffet.

Service and Accommodation

In keeping with Costa Rica Expedition’s tradition for fine hospitality, Tortuga Lodge is known for its top class service and exclusive appeal. The service is professional, warm and knowledgeable, with a well-trained posse of staff catering to all guest needs.

The accommodation at Torutga Lodge and Gardens is a neat combination of simplicity, luxury and well-appointed natural elegance. Each room is spacious, tastefully done up and comfortable, while featuring a private bath (complete with a solar heat shower), a ceiling fan, an in-room safe and complementary wireless internet in addition to other basic in-room facilities. The Penthouse Suite is equipped with a three quarter porch (which offers lovely vistas of the Tortuguero River), a king size bed, a queen bed, solar heated water, free wireless internet, a huge private balcony that overlooks the surrounding rainforest landscape and a front porch with relaxing hammocks and a nice seating area.


The peak season price for a Deluxe Room for single and double occupancy is $ 138 USD per night. The same Deluxe Room with a breakfast and dinner package thrown in costs $ 173 USD per person on single occupancy and $ 104 USD per person per night on double occupancy during high season. Likewise, Deluxe Rooms with a breakfast, lunch and dinner package put you back by $ 188 USD per person per night on single occupancy and $ 119 USD per person per night on double occupancy.



Tortuga Lodge & Gardens

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