Tourist Attractions in Costa Rica

Mal Pais

In land mass, Costa Rica might be a small country but it possesses some of the most diverse geography on the planet. This country has a lot of tourist attractions that attract many tourists each year from all around the world. In this country you will find dry forests, volcanoes, mountains, cloud forests and wetlands that make this country just like a paradise for the tourists. There are also many places that represents the cultural and historical essence of the country. Here goes some of the tourist attractions in Costa Rica:

San Jose:

While visiting Costa Rica, many tourists usually land in the capital city San Jose but few of them stays longer in this town. Surrounded by lush green valleys and mountains, this modern city also offers plenty to explore and enjoy. In this capital and large city you can enjoy shopping, dining, nightlife, arts and culture. This city also features some of most amazing museums of the country. It occupies a plateau in the country’s geographical center and is the base from where you can go for exploring the other places of Costa Rica.

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Chirripo National Park:

Situated in Chirripo National Park, Cerro Chirripo is the highest peak in Central America. Just south of San Jose, this place is another tourist attraction in Costa Rica. If you go for hiking, you can enjoy watching the amazing view of both Caribbean and Pacific ocean from the mountains tallest peak. Five different ecosystems including the rare paramo system is encompassed by this park and the mountain and that attracts many researchers and scientists. If you are an adventure lover, you can visit the most remote areas of the parks. There you can see Savannah of the Lions, and that is the home to a huge number of large puma. This park only allows the hikers with guides to in as it doesn’t want to make any changes in this area and don’t want to have more tourist visitors.


Located between Tamarindo and Jaco, Montazuma is another attraction for the tourists in Costa Rica. This village has many restaurants where you can enjoy delicious meals including vegetarian dishes and all the dishes are prepared with organic food products. From the town with a short hike you can reach three amazing waterfalls of the area. Along with nearby beach towns Santa Teresa and Mal Pais, Montezuma is considered as a paradise for the surfers. Within a 30 minute walk distance north of the town, along the coastline, you will reach Playa Grande that is a sandy secluded beach.

Puerto Viejo de Talamanca:

If you visit this place, you will get better knowledge about the culture of Afro-Caribbean. In the surrounding area you will find restaurants where you can enjoy fresh fish and there are some beachfront bars where you can enjoy your favorite drink as well as amazing beach view. This area attract many tourists each year. Situated a few minutes walking distance from the downtown Puerto Viejo, Rocking J’s Hostel is ideal for the budget travelers. This hostel is a large open area full of hammocks and also featured with a few private rooms and tents.

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