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Costa Rica Treehouses for Rent

Treehouses aren’t a new concept, but are becoming more popular with tourists looking for a truly exotic, Tarzan-like experience in Costa Rica. People imagine enjoying a romantic vacation close to nature, with the close company of wild animals. Here in Costa Rica, there are now many to choose from. Tree houses are built several different ways. Some are built high up in a large tree. Others are built on the ground on stilts, next to a tree, and sometimes they are built with a large branch or two puncturing the structure. Others are built with the tree as part of the wall structure itself, such as Topo’s treehouse. And in Montezuma, there’s even one that’s suspended by cables between several tree. As you’d probably expect, usually these treehouse are done with other eco friendly elements. Some are very primitive, but others offer modern, more luxurious facilities. While staying at a tree house, rather than a hotel, you will feel that you are a part of the jungle and enjoy the sounds of nature, waking up in the morning by listening to singing birds or meeting howler monkeys at your veranda. There are some tree houses which also offers adventure activities like walk along the jungle, bird watching, zip lining or hiking. Spending your vacation at a tree house is really a memorable experience. Here are as many as we can find in Costa Rica:

Finca Bellavista 

finca-bellavista-costarica Located in a mountainous area of the coast region, close to the Pacific Ocean, Finca Bellavista is a treehouse community where people can live untroubled by stress, crowd or pollution. The retreat is rustic and its objective is building a self-sustained community based on natural resources. The place is surrounded by mountains, valleys, rivers, waterfalls and rainforest which make the place suitable for a large number of entertaining activities. There are 8 Treehouses, each one is surprising in its own way due to the shape of the rooms, to skylights, to decorations, to 360-degree views of the forest or to outdoor showers. You can enjoy try night hikes or ziplines, garden tours, cooking classes, photography, painting, and writing. 

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Jungla Vista

treehouse at night This unique tree house is located on a mountainside in a safe, private forest reserve overlooking the warm Pacific Ocean near several beautiful beaches. Surrounded by jungle this 2,500 square foot house is constructed of teak, steel and glass. Jungla Vista offers two bedrooms and two bathrooms with hot showers, all of which are completely glassed in. And there is also a kitchen equipped with fridge, stove, a dining room with table for eight and a top floor deck where the guests can meditation or can enjoy watching better panoramic view of the Pacific ocean and surrounding countryside. It is only two kilometers from the Pacific Ocean in Guanacaste Province on the Nicoya Peninsula and from the International airport in Liberia it takes only 70 minutes by automobile.

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Lapa’s Nest Tree House

Lapa’s-Nest-Tree-House Lapa’s Nest Tree House is more than your average tree house resort. It is located in the secluded part of Costa Rica, in Osa Peninsula. People who want to spend a quiet holiday and don’t want to be disturbed by any other tourists, they will find this tree house perfect. As it is nestled in the middle of the rainforest, it will let you explore the wildlife and enjoy the biodiversity of the place. It is eco friendly and includes all the facilities you will need for a comfortable accommodation. 6 to 8 people can stay together at this tree house and they will also have access to the surrounding 120 acres of rainforest and to the beach while being also able of taking any time a glance at the Corcovado National Park. While staying at this tree house, you will enjoy zip line canopy tours, kayaking, waterfall rappelling, boat tours, water ski, and horseback riding.

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Nature Observatorio

Nature Observatorio Located on the southern Caribbean coast of Costa Rica, in the National Wildlife Refuge of Gandoca-Manzanillo, Nature Observatorio is built in place, assembled like a “Lego” project, high in the air, without ever harming the tree in any way. It has been built without using of a single pin and it is light and removable. It’s eco friendly as well as humanly. It uses water collected from rain and for the electricity, solar energy is used. There are two comfortable bedrooms in the upstairs and downstairs is used for viewing platform. Nature Observatorio has been built to prove that a living tree is more valuable than a dead tree. Guests will feel amazed by watching the jungle view from high above the treeline and will have the memorable rewarding experience. 

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Playa Selva Tree House

Playa-Selva-Tree-House If you are visiting Costa Rica for a romantic vacation and want to stay in a real tree house near the beach as well as want to enjoy the beauty of Costa Rica Wildlife then Playa Selva Tree House is the perfect place for you. Nestled up in a Banyan Tree the property this tree house will make the guests to feel they have become the part of the jungle. Guests will be exited while watching the Howler and Capuchin Monkeys, a large variety of tropical birds, and many other wild animals. This tree house is located on about 1.5 acres of private property-Playa Selva and it provides a one bedroom including comfortable double bed with mosquito net. There is a full separate bathroom with shower and hot water. Guests will also find a kitchenette and and a balcony with sitting area and a beautiful custom designed swimming pool in this property. It takes only 3 to 4 minute trail walk to a beautiful unpopulated beach cove and good point break surf nearby at Mar Azul so people who love to surf they can rent a surf board and enjoy surfing. Other activities offered by the tree house include Yoga, Pilates and Dance classes, surf and kite board lesson, horse back riding, hiking, swimming, fishing, massage therapy and many more. 

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Punta Jaguar

Punta-Jaguar Located in Cabo Matapalo, at the southern tip of the Peninsula, Punta Jaguar is a towering three-story tree house, built with unique, breathtaking views of the ocean and jungle. People who love surfing, nature lovers, sand lovers, and who want to explore the wildlife, they will find this place heavenly. Luxurious but simple accommodations are offers at Punta Jaguar and this accommodation equipped with all the facilities. This tree house also offers also offers delicious meals prepared by personal chef, taxi services, shopping services, horseback riding and many more. The tree house is situated 500 above sea level which will let you enjoy the beautiful ocean view and the sound of the jungle.

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Rancho Delicioso

volunteer-in-costa-rica-ran It is a 8 hectare estate, placed in the Nicoya Peninsula of Costa Rica, close to Montezuma and Santa Teresa, n ecovillage and permaculture volunteer project for people interested in an ecological, healthy, and artistic lifestyle. You can enjoy activities including arm manual working, taking care of animals, general maintenance of the retreat, cooking, providing ideas for ongoing projects, Internet research and promotion. One of the most important areas of interest at Rancho Delicioso is green sustainable building which has been built by using living trees as building elements, using recycled materials such as glass and plastic etc.

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Topo’s Tree House

Topo's-tree-house Located in Cahuita, Costa Rica, this tree house is stretches over three floors. First floor includes a full kitchen, dining room, bathroom and a terrace with a view towards a tropical garden and in the second floor there is two elegant bedrooms and beautifully garnished bathroom. The third floor is more private and cozy and have a little terrace with iron chairs and table. This tree house provide all the modern facilities but still keep their naturalness. There is a water ponds hosting fish, turtles, frogs and aquatic flowers which will make the guests feel they are in Paradise. 

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Tree House Restaurant & Cafe

Tree-House-Restaurant-and-c Located in Monteverde, Costa Rica, downtown Santa Elena in front of the Catholic church, Tree House Restaurant & Cafe is a nice and unique restaurant built in the branches of an old huge ficus tree. It offers a variety of foods including typical menus and varied menu also includes vegetarian items.. It also offers many types of drinks, cocktails as well as coffee. This restaurant is super touristy, but it is up to American standard. If  you sit along the edges so you can get great views of the little town. This restaurant remains open everyday from 11am to 10pm. 

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Tree House Hotel

Tree-house-hotel Located just near Santa Clara, San Carlos, Tree Houses Hotel are perfect for the people who want to enjoy all modern facilities as well as get in touch with wildlife, and a variety of bird species. The Yiguirro is he newest, most private and secluded tree house, located near the back of the property. and it provides two comfortable queen beds and a window seat that can be converted to a twin bed. It also include plenty of rooms and features an open shower. Toucan is a two level tree house romantic, cozy and perfect for couples or families with little kids. While staying at this Tree House Hotel, one can enjoy thrilling activities like safari, canoeing, rafting, zip lining, and hiking with the hotel’s nature guide Juan Carlos. 

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Tree Houses Lodge

tree-house-lodge Located near Punta Uva, Tree House Lodge has the perfect tour plan along with attractive tree-houses which make the guests amazed. There are four types of tree houses-Beach Suit, Tree-House, Garden House and Beach House.While staying at this tree house you will not be refreshed mentally but also enjoy spiritual guidance with Yoga lessons. People who love adventure tour they will enjoy two tours of 7 days and 6 nights and 4 days 3 nights of package tour with a different activity each day. This tree house is also a great place for wedding ceremony and for honeymoon. Guests will enjoy a worry free experience.

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