Turrialtico Mountain Lodge


Built with beautiful rustic wood, Turrialtico Mountain Lodge is a beautifully designed mountain lodge. The hotel balcony offers the breathtaking views of the Turrialba valley, the Turrialba Volcano and the Talamanca mountain range. Turrialba Valley is located in east side of Cartago Province. Here you can find a unique charm and essence, very different to the popular and regular touristic places in other parts of the country. Activities such as kayaking, white water rafting on the river rapids, and the biological diversity, convert Turrialba into one of the sites most liked by those seeking scientific tourism and adventure. 

Another great attraction is Turrialba Volcano. Out of the 112 volcanoes in Costa Rica, five are active today, including Turrialba Volcano in Cartago, which saw its largest eruption in 150 years on Oct. 30. On the other hand, The Cordillera de Talamanca is a mountain range that lies on the border between Costa Rica and Panama. Tropical rainforests cover most of the area. Four different Indian tribes inhabit this property, which benefits from close co-operation between Costa Rica and Panama. Turrialtico is an excellent spot for birdwatching as it’s surrounded by gorgeous tropical gardens that nest a wide variety of birds.

Rooms and Rates

Aesthetically designed rooms were made using wood. Architects used wood to give it a homely feel and added all the modern facilities such as a private shower-room and it includes warm shower to ensure comfort and safety. The views on the surrounding mountains is spectacular, the rooms are nicely decorated, with huge bay windows which look onto a lovely rainforest-type garden. All the rooms are well decorated with beautiful bedspreads which are made locally. To satisfy your aesthetic cravings they showcase artwork by made by artists live in Turrialba. Turrialtico Mountain Lodge offers two types of accommodation options: Caribe and Turrialba.

Caribe Standard Rooms

The Caribe standard rooms are equipped with all the modern life facilities including, cable TV, two double beds, fan, coffee maker, private bathroom. If you are looking for comfort and serenity, the rooms are perfect for you. You can enjoy great views to the orchid gardens and relax in a private terrace.

Turrialba Rooms

Equipped with private bathroom, one double bed, coffee maker and fan the Turrialba rooms are designed for the ultimate comfort. These rooms have , a private balcony. Located on the second floor of the building, these rooms offer breathtaking views of the the valley of Turrialba and the landscape. The majestic Turrialba Volcano can be viewed from these rooms.

birds-of-costa-rica Restaurant

Opened to the public in 1968, the Turrialtico Restaurant is the perfect blend of trends and tradition. The restaurant is open-air and decorated nicely with Costa Rican items that you don’t find in every restaurant: an oxcart, a marimba. The founders were great visionary. So they easily understood the potential and attractiveness of the valley. Today their daughter, Lucrecia and her husband, Hector, manage the restaurant and they are determined enough to maintain the food and service quality.  The views from the restaurant are stunning and the wait staff are very friendly and helpful. The Turrialtico restaurant features great local dishes featuring, juicy meats of the region, ¨yuca¨, plantains, filled corn tortillas.

Tours and Activities

Turrialtico Mountain Lodge offers range of tours and activities including White Water Rafting, Canyoning, Hiking, Mountain Bike Adventure, Botanical Garden Tour, Archeological Park Tour, Golden Bean Coffee Tour etc. The view can’t be beat, and the drive to the area through the mountains is reason enough to visit. They have a nice path around their property, it’s a bit muddy and you need good hiking shoes, but the waterfall down the path is gorgeous.


Turrialtico Mountain Lodge

Siquirres Road, 8 km from Turrialba,

Turrialba 121-7150, Costa Rica

Phone: +(506) 2538-1111

Website: http://www.turrialtico.com/

Email: info@turrialtico.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/TURRIALTICO-LODGE/111993622160866

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