Waterfall Rappelling in Costa Rica

Waterfall-Rappelling-in-costa rica

If you are in Costa Rica, then you should never miss the great and adventurous waterfall rappelling out there. It can prove to be a lot of enjoyment for you as well as for your family. In this case you need to get the best idea on the different companies that offers waterfall rappelling so that you can get the right idea in choosing the best one to make your event a memorable one. So, let us have a good look at the different companies where you can enjoy the best waterfall rappelling in Costa Rica where you would be able to get incredible rewarding experience.

Pure Trek Canyoning

Pure Trek Canyoning This company makes you enjoy waterfall rappelling with spectacular views, great guides as well as beautiful trails. Being one of the top 10 tours of the world, it would make you experience a fantastic adventure of your lifetime making it truly a wonderful experience. Having 4 rappels that range in height from 165 feet to 45 feet, it would surely make you get the best fun. With professionally trained bilingual guides, they also serve foods as well that stands out of the rest making it very unique.

Website: Pure Trek Canyoning
Facebook:  www.facebook.com/PureTrekCanyoing

Rock Climbing Costa Rica

ROCKCLIMBINGCOSTARICA.COM With the best and professionally trained climbers, this company in Montezuma designs tour ranging from beginning to advanced level climbers. There are two locations that are offered by them which include Roca Mal Pais and Montezuma Express. There are both three hour and four hour climbing. You need to make sure to reserve your space in advance so as to enjoy the maximum without any worries at all. It can really prove to be very exciting for you as it would be a lot of fun and enjoyment.

Website: Rock Climbing Costa Rica
email:  rockclimbingcostarica@yahoo.com

Xtreme Tours Waterfall Rappelling

Xtreme Tours Waterfall Rappelling If you are an adventure-seeker, try out water rappelling. Ever considered Quepos, Costa Rica? Put your rappelling clothes on and travel to Manuel Antonio courtesy of Xtreme Tours Waterfall Rappelling Company. You will get a 4-wheel-vehicle to navigate your way through to the forest and observe the natural beauty. Bring your towels, tennis shoes, waterproof cameras and other accessories for a 5 ½ hours’ tour costing $75 per person. There are two tours per day. You will get a bilingual guide, 5 rappels (one free-fall from a suspension bridge, hiking opportunities, tropical lunch, 2 pools to dive in and more.

Website: Xtreme Tours Waterfall Rappelling

Costa Rica Waterfall Tours

Costa Rica Waterfall Tours Costa Rica is truly a heavenly place when it comes to wildlife and the natural beauty. Costa Rica Waterfall Tours is one water rappelling company which takes you closer to the nature where you can dive in a natural pool and enjoy the surroundings. The company offers packages of different ranges starting from “Limited Mobility” package to “Tarzan”. The touring area is in Quepos and Jacó Beach. During the Water Rappelling tour, you can interact with the water and the wildlife there. The touring package includes a Land Rover ride from your hotel to the destination and the opposite.

Website: Costa Rica Waterfall Tours

“El Encanto” Waterfall Rappel Tour

El Encanto Waterfall Rappel Tour If you are a thrill seeker and prefer adventurous places for Water Rappelling, you will love Encanto Waterfall. The Ocean Ranch Park authorities have their own private waterfall where the guides will take you for a free-fall. Encanto Waterfall is 180 meters tall which gives you thrilling experience tingling all your senses. The tour is of 2 hours in total and it includes 60 meters of rappel. The company also has certified guys and you can enjoy 2 water rappels as a part of the whole tour package. Feel the rush of adventure and the excitement from within, start rappelling today.

Website: “El Encanto” Waterfall Rappel Tour

Costa Rica Descents

Costa Rica Descents

Costa Rica is named Latin America’s adventure capital and to prove the nametag correct, it accommodates thousands of people each year who come for water rappelling. Costa Rica Descents presents you a water rappelling adventure near Arenal’s Montaña de Fuego Hotel & Spa. There are Bungalows of great design situated right at the foot of the volcano itself. You can watch the volcano right from your rooftop. Feel free to do water rappelling in Sarapiquí as well as Balsa River where there are 3 types of rapids. Enjoy climbing down a rain forest and take a dip in a pool.

Website: Costa Rica Descents


Psychotours Another good company that is offering the visitors Water Rappelling opportunities is the Psychotours. In their tour package of Water Rappelling, you will be hiking on to many waterfalls around green rainforests. The company provides you with instructions and equipment for safe water rappelling. They have designed courses and a graduation program too. There are two waterfalls to conquer here. First is the 45 feet tall waterfall and second one is of 100 feet. The duration of the adventure is half day long with snacks. The normal tour is $85 per person but with combo tour package it is $120.

Website: Psychotours

Jaco Waterfall Rappel Tours

Jaco Waterfall Rappel Tours If you are looking for Water Rappelling opportunities near Jaco, you must try out Costa Rica Holiday Rentals. It is located right below El Encanto Waterfalls. The environment is difficult to adjust but that is where the fun lies. The adventure will thrill you to bits and you will enjoy every second of that. Be prepared for a fun-filled ride around the rainforests and amazing natural sounds will take you to another world. There are cascade houses and beautiful other facilities which will make your day. Water Rappelling will be lot more fun and enjoyable.

Website: Jaco Waterfall Rappel Tours
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/jacobeach

Hilltop Adventures

Canyoning-Costa-Rica As a lover for water rappelling, you can also try out Canyoning or Canyoneering. It is a popular sport in Costa Rica. Hilltop Adventures offers you tour packages to quench your thirst for adventure. The tour consists of waterfall rappelling, hiking, down climbing mountains and many more. Swing across the jungle like Tarzan does. You can do ziplines. There are combo tour packages in Jaco and others at Osa Peninsula too. You will find finest set of guides there. Water Rappelling is a great thrill to enjoy and you can do it in Costa Rica with finest companies offering alluring tour packages for their customers.

Website: Hilltop Adventures
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Canyoning-Costa-Rica-Hilltop-Adventures-Jaco/236711923113762

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