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Waterfall Villas is located in a completely secluded area in the Baru Rainforest of Costa Rica. Though it is nestled in a remote area, it takes only 3 miles or 5 minute drive to reach Dominical Beach Town. You can reach this romantic boutique wellness retreat and spa center within 30 minutes from the Manuel Antonio Beach or Quepos and 15 minutes from Uvita at the entrance of the Osa. Within short driving distance you can also reach 8 fabulos beaches and 5 national parks in the tropical southern region of the country. People who are seeking a place for escaping the harsh daily busy life and want to get rejuvenated, they will find this wellness center absolutely perfect. This resort will help them to redefine themselves by following a unique holistic and personalized way of detoxification. If you want to clear your body and mind to regain your health, then alkalizing and detoxification is the first step. You can also have a peaceful mind by practicing meditation next to the powerful waterfalls. With a commitment to the local community and sustainability, this unique eco-hotel is perfect for enjoying a family getaway or to enjoy quality time with your beloved or close friends.


waterfall_villas The Waterfall Villas provides 6 eco-luxurious Suites. These suites are featured with large glass doors to access an open veranda. All the suites are completed with ensuite bathrooms and some have Jacuzzi. While staying at these suites you will enjoy experiencing luxury with personalized service. There is Dragonfly Villa with 2 separate Dragonfly Suites that are ideal for accommodating 6 persons. Dragonfly Villa is designed in the ecological spirit with the least carbon foot print that is great for detoxification. At the Waterfall Villa, Butterfly villa is the largest suite and there you can enjoy total luxury experience. People who want to enjoy Honeymoon and romantic escape, they will find Honeymoon Jacuzzi Suite perfect.


Detox Yoga Retreat:

This Life transitional all inclusive program includes gentle Kundalini Yoga and sacred circulation meditation directed by ateh Kaur Bolivar. By joining this retreat, you can clean and renew your spirit by freeing the body of all that needs to be released. While doing the yoga workouts, you need to move and stretch the body to detoxify it. These workouts will allow you to get rid of the blocks belong to your past and you will detox the body fully. In Water fall Villas, you will learn mostly Vinyasa or Art of Living Yoga that is specific for detoxifying the body moving out blockages. Then you will work on a Kundalini Kriya to deepen your awareness of the body and bring allot of oxygen to the blood with pranayamas.

To regain your health, detoxification is the first step in clearing the body and mind. While meditating next to the powerful waterfalls, we will be able to get rid of the negative feelings and thoughts and clean our mind that will ultimately help us to have a heavenly bliss in our very inner-self. By joining this Detox Yoga retreat, we can achieve a balance of body and mind.

Diva’s Detox – (4 nights):

Detox-Yoga If you have any unhealthy habits and want to break those habits by incorporating healthier lifestyle choices, you can choose this retreat. This retreat will help you to heal and move forward from any kind of emotional stressful situations or trauma.

Rejuvenation Package – (7 nights):

You will make a commitment to create positive change at the very beginning of this retreat. You will learn how to follow new habits and rituals to get rejuvenated.

Juice Cleanse – (5 or 7 nights):

This retreat will help you to purify the body and to prepare for healing and renewal. It will help you to remove toxicity that has accumulated in your body. You can take Green Juice Fast, or the Master Cleanse formula. This retreat also includes Yoga, meditation and therapeutic massage, luxury accommodations are provided in the Balinese style Dragonfly suite.


Waterfall Villas

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