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Wendy’s Yoga Journey

Wendy became an active Yogi in spring of 1995. At the beginning of her Yoga journey, she was a Bikram Yoga student. She followed this particular discipline for several years. She began to discover the sacred world of different yoga styles after moving to San Diego in 1998. Then she actively started looking for ways to keep her passion for yoga burning brightly. During this time she focused on learning  pranayama & meditation. At the same time she feels the transition within herself, not only physically but mentally and spiritually. She enrolled for a 200 hour Yoga Alliance certified program to learn more about Power Vinyasa Yoga.

Her passion for yoga is evident in her classes where her students experience a physical challenge cultivating new space in the body and mind. Yoga has been a passion and life-altering experience for her. She loves to see her students grow in life, develop greater self-confidence and become healthier.

Becoming a Teacher

yoga-at-Boca-Sombrero She has been on her own yoga journey for the past 6 years, learning from other incredible teacher’s and to live the life of a “yogi.” She has developed her unique teaching method while exploring and experimenting with different styles of yoga. She is the manager of International Yoga Pavilions. She has been teaching yoga around the globe including San Diego, Guam, Thailand, Morocco, Nicaragua, and now Costa Rica.

Yoga Surf & Yoga Wellness Retreat in Costa Rica

Boca Sombrero

Luna-Lodge-CottageSurrounded by a stunning rainforest settings in Osa Peninsula of Costa Rica, Boca Sombrero is an exclusive ocean front paradise. The Boca compound is naturally elegant while still rustic enough to make you feel awesome. The beautifully decorated houses and garden are beautifully tucked away but only a stone throw from the sand. The property operates as a yoga retreat center and vacation rental property and combines yoga with surfing. This retreat package includes accommodation, 3 incredible daily meals, 3 surf lessons, Daily yoga, Internal domestic flight to and from San Jose and Taxi to and from the hotel.

Luna Lodge

The accommodations, excellently prepared food, ‘green’ sensibility, and thoughtful service on the part of all staff, made Luna a great Yoga retreat center. That why Wendy arranges her Yoga retreats in this lodge. Her yoga retreat in Luna Lodge includes accommodations, 3 Daily Meals, Raw Food Workshop, 2 Daily Yoga Classes, Internal Domestic Flight to and from San Jose Taxi to and from the hotel.

Yoga Classes

You will be practicing vinyasa yoga every morning. This yoga style creates heat, improve strength and flexibility and also improve mind body alignment. In evening classes we will be practicing a unique yoga style that blends different types of yoga and based on what our bodies and minds need for that day.Wendy is so excited to create yoga, surf & adventure retreats here in Costa Rica.


Wendy’s Yoga
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