Best Places for Solo Travelers

Arenal hanging bridge

Traveling Solo in Costa Rica can be delightfully self-indulgent and this type of traveling does not have to be intimidating. You can enjoy a day with complete freedom and enjoy exploring the wonders of the country. You can spend a leisure day doing nothing but café hopping or lingering in a single museum. Solo travelers can also enjoy tranquil time on a beach or go to a remote place with the help of an expert guide. You can also go to discos and bars and enjoy live music, nightlife of the country. You can also go to a variety of restaurants and try the local dishes. There are many eco villages and farms in Costa Rica which offer different types of health retreat, volunteer projects, permaculture workshops and many types of other retreat and you can join whichever you like. You can also go for bird watching, fishing, swimming, diving, white water rafting, surfing or join different types of tours. Solo travelling is actually a life changing experience that will set a peace in your future travel plans. Solo travelers should visit the places where they will meet the hospitable people and where they can easily interact with the locals who will help you to know about the new culture and make you have a beautiful experience. Costa Rica offers a variety of accommodation facilities set in different places such as mountains, deep forest, and also beachfront areas and you can choose anyone you like most. Here goes some of the best places for solo travelers in Costa Rica:


Arenal is popular as the adventure capital of Costa Rica. In this area you can enjoy great fun in every hour. Arenal Volcano is one of the most natural features of Costa Rica. Solo travelers can enjoy a variety of activities within this area. If you are traveling alone, you can go for horseback riding through the nearby hills and can also enjoy watching different species of wild animals and colorful birds. You can also test your nerve on a Class II-IV whitewater rafting tour on the Peñas Blancas, Toro and Balsa rivers which are different in both scenery and intensity. You can choose between leisurely safari floats or exciting class IV rapids. You can also go for enjoying other water sports on Lake Arenal and these activities include fishing, canoeing and kite surfing. If you like adventure activities, you cango for hiking, canopy and hanging bridge tour and waterfall rappelling. Nature lovers can also go to the La Fortuna Waterfall and with a short hike or horseback riding, you can reach the base of the pool where you can enjoy swimming.


Solo travelers who are seeking a place for enjoying sophisticated dining and also some of the best nightlife of Costa Rica, they will find Jaco absolutely perfect. Younger tourists will love the theme bars and dance halls. On the other hand the local casinos attract older crowd. In this booming beach town there are different types of hotels, galleries, restaurants, cafes, shopping malls where the solo travelers can visit and learn about the local culture. Located just over an hour from the capital San Jose, Jaco is brimming with daytime amusements, from killer waves and sport fishing excursions, to canopy tours and bungee jumping.

Manuel Antonio:

Set high above the enchanting national park, Manuel Antonio is one of the Costa Rica’s hotspots. It boasts white sands, amazing wildlife, world class views and also offers plenty of opportunities to enjoy a variety of activities. You can go for a waterfall rappelling adventure, snorkeling, sunset cruise and many more. Solo travelers will love this beach town’s accessibility as it is just 2.5 hours from San Jose. In Manuel Antonio, accommodation choices are plentiful, with some of the country’s most inspired lodging options to choose from. Solo travelers should keep an eye on their valuables at all times as theft is a significant problem on the beaches, not just by humans but also by white faced monkeys looking to steal a quick snack.


Nestled amid a striking and varied landscape, Montezuma is an ideal laidback beach town for youths, surfers, solo travelers or backpackers of all ages. With a laid-back, bohemian vibe and hopping night scene, Montezuma is an amazing location on the Nicoya Peninsula that promise tropical rainforest, pounding waterfalls and steady waves. There are artsy shops and gourmet restaurants to visit. This area also have a variety of accommodation facilities including budget accommodations line the streets which are ideal for the solo travelers. There are also watering hotels which are a sure bet for meeting up with like-minded travelers. For such a small town, the nightlife is exceptional. Solo travelers who want to enjoy nightlife, they can visit small bars and clubs to dance the night away.

Puerto Viejo:

Due to its cultural allure, stunning white-sand beaches, tropical vegetation and its proximity to national parks, Puerto Viejo has recently become a hit with tourists. Coized up to an aquamarine sea, Puerto Viejo is the place representing a slice of authentic Caribbean culture. Solo travelers will love the easygoing atmosphere of this town. This area provides inexpensive accommodations and you can enjoy the blend of Afro-Caribbean descendants, Rastafarian traditions in everything from the handicrafts, local music to the cuisine.

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