8 Things To Do In Arenal

La Fortuna Waterfall Arenal

Arenal is one of the best places in Costa Rica and is serving as a great tourist attraction over the years. Specially, the Volcano here comes in the list of 10 active Volcanoes in the world. Once you are here in Arenal you can do a lot of things which include hiking to your heart’s content, bathing in geothermal springs, going for a walk near a beautiful lake and much more. Let me tell you few about interesting recreational activities which you can do while being in Arenal in the following part of the article.


Arenal-Volcano Once you are in Arenal, be sure to visit the Volcano here. But prior to that, I’d like to tell you about an interesting eco-park in Arenal which is Arenal National Park. If you are a wildlife lover, you will absolutely love this place! Another thing to see is the lava that keeps dripping from the hills that are around this exotic location. You’d probably see smoke coming out now at this time of the year but even the jungles of this place are places where you would want to be lost forever. The sunset that is on view from here is just amazing to look at.


If you like to hike on tall mountains than you would love the relaxation spot near the springs here in Arenal. Relax in the hot springs after a long day of hiking and take a nice long bath. You will definitely enjoy the atmosphere. Don’t forget to visit La Fortuna Waterfall and if you are looking for a bit of adjustment as far as the price is concerned, there are plenty of hot springs which are cheap in terms of price. If you are a luxury lover and price is not a headache for you, there are classy places you would like to take a dip.

Bungee Jumping

For the adventure seekers, there are things to do here as well. You can do bungee jumping. Let me remind you that fainthearted people won’t get the first preference here. It doesn’t matter if you are a crazy bungee jumper or someone who likes to feel the water jumping from the top, there is space for everyone. Don’t forget to take a day tour to Cano Negro and witness the wilderness there. You can always do some swimming and water rafting. Bottom-line is, if you are a person who loves to have adventure, this is heaven for you. So, enjoy yourself.


La Fortuna waterfall I just spoke about the La Fortuna waterfall. Make sure you visit this place as this is the best place to be once you are in Arenal, Costa Rica. You will definitely want to sink into the water. But one thing is necessary prior to visiting this waterfall and that is to have great footwear. Visiting La Fortuna means that one will have to do climb down from steep staircase which really requires some effort. If you are getting down from the waterfall, do look around and you will find amazing sceneries of Arenal re-discover the place in a new way. Behold the charming scenes and have a refreshing afternoon there. It will make your day for sure. Don’t forget to be a part of Fiestas Del La Fortuna which is a festival near the waterfall that happens in every February. There are bull-fights, discos and music for you to enjoy.

ATV Tour

While you are in Arenal, don’t forget to ride an ATV. There are trails of the Volcano which are not normally visible to the naked eye. The ATV ride takes you near those trails which you can watch closely. Enjoy the natural beauty of the place through the ride. Take the back roads. The tour doesn’t take a lot of your time. Just 3 – 4 hours are enough to witness the overwhelming natural scenery of Arenal. But let me tell you, the experience that you will gather from the tour will just be awesome to say the least. They are worth treasuring for life.

Cave Visiting

Have you guys had experience of visiting a Cave before? Well, now you can visit caves and Arenal has plenty of deep underground caves which you would like to pay a visit. There are guided Caving systems near the place to provide you practical caving experience with gear. You will have to wear a headlamp and other gears to go underground. The caves are very much small in size. A word of warning for the claustrophobic people is don’t go there if you are not prepared well enough. But other than that, if you are up for it, this is a thrilling journey worth experiencing.

Bird Watching

bird watching arenal For nature lovers, Arenal is a paradise on the face of the earth. If you are fond of bird watching and looking for an excuse to witness God’s great creations, here in Arenal you will get the chance. But to watch beautiful birds like parakeets, Tuscans or parrots you will have to get up early. The tour for bird watchers starts as early as 5 AM and will continue from there on. One will have to be early to catch the birds as a part of their natural surroundings. Make sure you are early enough to get the wonderful view and enjoy the chirping of the birds.

Horse Ride and Canopy Tour

If you are looking forward to a close encounter with the Volcano, you might get that chance too. There are hanging bridges which will present the opportunity to see the Volcano from a close perspective. One will surely enjoy the view. Listen to the sounds and enjoy the scenery of the rainforest to get a taste of the lifestyle of the Canopy. You can even enjoy a horse-ride there as it costs only $65 per person. Make sure to ride through the wildlife sanctuary and close to the La Fortuna waterfall. One will need a bathing suit as he/she will get wet during the process. It is an enjoyable ride nonetheless.

I’ve only pointed out the 8 most interesting things to do in Arenal. Things that one must experience during his/her time in Arenal, Costa Rica. You can do a bunch of other things too. Just try your hands upon these activities and enjoy your time being there. Be a part of the overwhelming natural beauty and great wildlife.

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