La Fortuna Waterfall

Costa Rica is blessed with divine natural beauties and one of these is La Fortuna Waterfall. Surrounded by the lush rainforests and streaks of green and brown as well as the constant sighting of wild, exotic animals, you can’t go wrong when you decide to come over to this body of water.

Considering the vast and immense nature views of this country, visiting La Fortuna Waterfall will be yet another unique experience with Mother Nature.



La Fortuna Waterfall is located exactly at the base of the stagnant Chato Volcano in the province of Alajuela. It is just about 6km away from the town of La Fortuna, a not so far distance which rewards you with such a majestic and refreshing trip. A twenty-minute drive over to this waterfall will make you want to stay a lot longer and hungry for more.

The Falls

The name is Spanish for The Fortune and in the Spanish language, the falls is commonly known as the Catarata Fortuna.

Thanks to the Tenorio River which has fed and created this waterfall, many tourists have continually booked to visit and marvel at this unique sight.

La Fortuna Waterfall stands 70 meters (70o feet) high and it is very visible amidst the thick vegetation with all the trees surrounding you. On the bottom of the falls is a natural swimming pool where you can take a most deserved dip after a long day of hiking, horseback riding or driving.

It’s no problem if you don’t want to go swimming and stay dry throughout the trip.If you choose not to get wet, you can easily set up a picnic area by the falls and watch friends and families bathe in the cool waters. This is also a perfect time to take out your camera and catch priceless and spectacular scenes and natural views this area of Costa Rica has to offer.

The hike going down the waterfalls is quite short but challenging. It will take you about 10 minutes to reach the falls by foot and 20 minutes to hike back to your starting point. Considering the steep slopes and the slippery grounds, it’s best to be careful and for you to take your time and enjoy the scenery.

Tours here usually would last for 3 hours, with more than enough time for you to relax, enjoy and savor the moment of being one with the beauty of the greens, blues and the streaks of falling white encompassing you.

An entrance fee of $6 for children and $8 for adults are priced to continuously maintain and protect this natural haven.


Other Activities

Usually, tour packages are offered when you want to schedule a trip with them to La Fortuna. Other than horseback riding and hiking, you can also do other things such as waterfall rappelling which is becoming more and more famous, cave explorations and canopy tours around the jungle.


Ways to Reach the Falls 

You can ride a horse and let all the horseback riding do the trick for you to take you to the falls. This tour will take you through abundant valleys of San Carlos, propserous pastures, hills as well as evregreen forests. But you still have to do a bit of walking once you reach the trail that will lead you to the base of the falls.

There’s a hiking trip as well which will take you around three hours to reach La Fortuna Waterfall. So it’s best to bring comfortable hiking shoes so you’ll be enjoying the tracks and all the views that go along with it. If you’re saving energy, you can always ride a taxi which will only take you 20 minutes.

Places to Stay Near La Fortuna Waterfalls 

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