5 Best White Water Rafting Spots in Costa Rica

Water rafting in Costa Rica

Costa Rica is considered to be one of the best destinations for white water rafting. The rivers have different rapids such as from Class II to Class V rapids and ideal for all ages and levels. Some of the country’s most well known rivers are the Corobici, Rios Pacuare, Sarapiqui and Reventazón are also great for water rafting. There will be professional guide to ensure that all experiences are safe, fun and memorable.

Corobicí River:

white-water-rafting Corobici is a wide and fast-flowing class I and II river with regular waves. It is located right in the heart of the Guanacaste province. This is the calmest rafting trip in Costa Rica. This experience is great for all ages and levels and also ideal for elder people as well as kids. If you leisurely raft along this tranquil river, you might spot one of the more than 300 species of birds from the nearby Palo Verde National Park. From the river you can spot several species of wild animals and colorful birds. The Corobici river gets its water from hydroelectric and irrigation releases from Lake Arenal which makes this river one of the cleanest and freshest in the country. As its  class I and II water is steady and smooth, and don’t require much paddling. While paddling, you can also spot some underwater life.

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Pacuare River

Pacuare-River The Pacuare River is renowned for its wonderful beauty rich biodiversity. It is surrounded by green Rainforest and dozens of cascading waterfalls. It is bordered by sharp green walls. The  river winds along the lush valley of Turrialba in the Central Valley of Costa Rica known for its exuberant beauty, wildlife and great rapids. If you go for a water rafting trip in Pacuare, you will enjoy the feel totally detached from the civilized life and will be totally connected with the nature. You will enjoy watching waterfalls cascade into the river water and also the tropical colorful birds flying overhead. While descending, you will also enjoy watching amazing tropical rainforest view of the surrounding area. You will also explore an abundant wildlife. Though it is not a much challenging river yet it has a lot of rapids. Due to its challenging and tough rapids and amazing surrounding beauty, this river is called as one of the top ten river trips in the world by National Geographic.

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Reventazón River:

The Reventazón River If you want to enjoy white water rafting in late dry season months March and April, then it will be best to choose Reventazon, one of Costa Rica’s top rivers that maintains very good water levels, as other rivers start getting really low. The Reventazón (reh vehn tah SOHN) gathers its waters from the rugged core of the Cordillera de Talamanca. It has the hardest commercial runs in the country, as well as the biggest white water. This river has  it has two different sections to choose from: Pascua and Florida. The Florida section of the mighty Reventazón River is some of the fastest and best 10 miles of Class III rapids you’ll ever paddle.

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Río Toro or Bull River:

toro-river-rafting Rio Toro is the river ranges from class II to class IV, offers some of the best rafting in Costa Rica. It is an aggressive river but it is an ideal for experienced riders and adventurous beginners. This ride is filled with nonstop class 3 and 4 rapids which are challenging for even the most advanced person.

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Sarapiquí River:

The Sarapiquí River The Sarapiquí river is known as the scenic river of Costa Rica’s tropical rain forest. It is used for rafting through 35 Kilometers, with all the range of difficulty in three different sections which run from 1200 ft of altitude and a flow volume of around 1,300 ft3/second with difficulty of class IV and V to a final altitude of 100 ft and a flow rate of 5,000 ft3/second and difficulty of class. This Atlantic slope river has something for everyone who are interested in water rafting and its class III rapids are perfect for the beginners. While rafting on this river, you will enjoy both thrilling adventure and relaxed time and while paddling on the steady and calm water, you will also get the opportunity to spot different species of wildlife. Its beautiful picturesque also attract the nature lovers particularly the bird watchers. This river has its origin on the Deception Depression between the Poás and Barba volcanoes and runs for 85 Kms (53 Miles) to the San Juan River  which is the border between Costa Rica and Nicaragua.

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