Whitewater Rafting on the Pacuare River

If you think you’ve done the finest whitewater rafting of your life, wait till you do whitewater rafting on the Pacuare River. This adventure isn’t for the faint of heart considering the class III-IV (moderate-difficult) rapid charging with and against the current.

If you’re looking for a tremendous exercise on the paddles as well as scenic views to enjoy while you’re at it, then whitewater rafting on the Pacaure River is definitely what you’re looking for.

The Pacuare River
The Pacuare River is known as one of the top five rafting rivers the world over. National Geographic has also dubbed it as one of the top ten rivers in the world. It is as well the only river in Costa Rica which houses a diverse wildlife and a virgin rainforest.

This river is divided into 16 sections with each section having a different range of rapid classes. The most popular part is its lower section which flows about 23 miles and dropping approximately 1200 feet.

The Whitewater Rafting Tour
Whitewater rafting tours are offered either for one day, two days or three. If you’ll be doing an overnight tour, you’ll get to hike two or three side canyons while the three days can get you to explore the jungle via trails that have been used by the Indians before.

The entire stretch of whitewater rafting tour on the Pacaure River is about 18 miles including a total of 52 rapids and would take approximately four hours.

The minimum age is 12 years old as there are professional guides that will help you throughout the wet, wild and fun ride.

You can test the waters and gain your momentum in the first four miles of the river. The next miles entail the waters to unfold a very different character, making your journey a lot more exciting as well as challenging.

The rapids in the Pacuare River are the “double drop”, “Terciopelo Snake”, “Pin Ball”, “Upper and Lower Huacas”, “Magnetic Rock”, “The Play Hole” to name very few. The most unforgettable part of the rafting is the put in which guarantees one epic splash for all on board.

Flora and Fauna
The wildlife and nature in and along the Pacuare River are immense. While you stretch out or relax before and after your rafting adventure, get to see the virgin rainforest. You’ll be delighted to spot toucans, coatis, morpho butterflies, colorful parrots and frogs, sloths, jaguars and ocelots among many, many others.

Whitewater rafting on the Pacuare River is sure to bring you the best rapids and magnificent views you’ll ever experience. With so much to offer, this Costa Rican river is one body of water you won’t soon forget.


Getting to the Pacuare River 

Hotel pick-ups from San Jose are available and tourists who want to experience this thrilling water ride are boarded into a minibus passing through the Braulio Carrillo National Park, one of the loveliest rainforests you’ll ever set your eyes on.



Places to Stay Near the Pacuare River 

Pacuare Lodge

Hacienda Tayutic

Villa Caletas


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