5 Detox and Body Cleansing Retreat centers in Costa Rica

Pachamama detoxifying

The culture that people have adopted nowadays is slowly killing them. The foods that we eat are no longer pristine are they used.They have been put too much processing and along the way they have amassed chemicals that are slowly developing strange diseases that remain a Pandora’s Box to the medical practitioners. It’s such a sorry story that some food is slowly becoming a poisoned chalice. The tiring jobs have also taken the center stage to many people’s lives to a point that people have no time to exercise. But there is light at the end of the tunnel. The light is the detox and body cleansing methods. To some point the modern medicines cannot even hold candle for some of detox and body cleansing methods as these methods have proved to be far past effective. This article provides a list of five detox and body cleansing retreat canters in Costa Rica:

Alya Retreat Center

People practicing yoga It is located in San Juanillo, Costa Rica. Alya retreat center takes pride in being in a pristine jungle.  The word Alyameans to rise. Amid the serenity and calmness, Alya offers mouth-watering cuisine, eco-retreat experience to help you unwind in the hands of Mother Nature, private water springand organic garden. This center offers you a perfect haven away from the bustle and hustle of the urban centers.

This healing sanctuary helps you to connect with your inner self in a way that unifies your body, mind and soul in oneness.

Once you have arrived at the Alya retreat you are immediately incorporated to the Pura Vida lifestyle. This lifestyle helps inself-cleansing by helping you experience the restorative power through yoga classes. Your morning will be always welcomed with the salubrious melodies of the birds and the gentle morning breeze slowly caresses your face as you get on with wellness services. Some of the wellness services that you get to enjoy at Alya retreat center include, meditation, mind and body cleansing or detox, silent retreat , spiritual and physical balancing methods , transformation and growth workshop.

Apart from the wellness services Alya retreat center also employs some holistic healing therapies like Acupressure, reflexology, tradition Chinese medicine, shiaste , Reiki and , Ayurvedic  treatments and nutritional counseling.

Website: http://www.alyaretreatcenter.com/

Waterfall Villas

Waterfall Villas with Detox Yoga Located in the rainforest of Costa Rica, waterfall offers you the best wellness center to redefine yourself and partake a healthier lifestyle via the vegans, juice fasts and raw food diet. The best part of this wellness center is that they first ask you what you really want then they proceed to help you attain it through healthy cuisines, yoga and therapeutic treatment for relieving stress.

They also offer out–of-this-world spa treatments to help you unwind in the waterfalls. If you have never tried yoga on top of a waterfall then you will have a chance to do so here. Imagine feeling the highly charged ionic rich air off of the falls rejuvenating, relaxing and soothing you to better health.

The resort has a unique holistic and personalized way of approaching detox. After an analysis to determine imbalances, personal coaching is offered as part of the program to deal with grief, relationships, and other life traumas. Alkalizing and detoxification is the first step in clearing the body and mind to regain your health. Meditation next to the powerful waterfalls allows the mind to be cleansed, so that with peace instilled in the mind, one’s body can enter into a healing journey.

Waterfall Villas is also available as a wedding and honeymoon destination.

Website: http://www.waterfallvillas.com/

Ama Tierra

Ama tierra food This is another great location to enjoy the nature and find a healthier lifestyle path. Their unique detox programs couple with their highly trained professionals makes it a highly professional destination. This retreat center is situated in a natural setting that allows its guests to get connected to the nature and feel more energetic.

Website: http://www.amatierra.com/


Pacha Mama

Pachamama Are you yearning for a connection with your inner self? Do feel as though a spiritual transformation is all that your soul needs? Or does your body want rejuvenation? If yes then the best place for all the above in Costa Rica must be the Pacha Mama.This relaxing haven is located in a valley amid forest in the Costa Rica.

Pacha Mama has hosted many people around the world with its unique and colorful topography setting. If your blood system has amassed toxins then the body cleansing at the Pacha Mama will sort you out. The cleansing programs also help in cleaning the liver plus the colon and detoxifying the whole body.

The yoga teachers at the Pacha Mama will show you how to relax and foster oneness in your body, mind and soul. The yoga classes are highly accommodative as they offer classes for beginners as well as advanced students.

The Pacha Mama also offers you a Work-exchange program that gives you a chance to blend in and be part of the community that experiences the Pacha Mama with all its majesty. This work-exchange program involves the participants working on different task within the Pacha Mama. This is not only fun but also covers part of the cost you will incur at Pacha Mama.

Website: http://www.pachamama.com/

Horizon ocean view hotel and yoga center

horizon-yoga-hotel If your mental strength has been pulled to the limits and you want to rejuvenate it then the horizon wellness center is the best place for you as they offer hatha yoga practices and meditation tactics to help you strengthen and rejuvenate your mental focus.

A golden gate welcomes you when you enter into this wellness center that has a unique and powerful nature. Some of the wellness services you will find at the wellness service include: colon hydrotherapy (they are usually two of them), a session of guided meditation, highly trained yoga professionals will take you through yoga session daily.

More info: http://www.costaricajourneys.com/horizons-yoga-hotel/
Website: http://horizon-yogahotel.com/

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