5 secret places in Costa Rica

Bahia de los Piratas

Costa Rica is a popular travel destination that attracts many tourists from all around the world. With its rich biodiversity, Costa Rica offers plenty of options to enjoy and explore. But there are some travelers who want to visit some places that are not overexposed and has something new to discover. Those travelers want to search an authentic Costa Rican experience and something off the grid. For those travelers there are some secret beaches, secret caves and spots that have been left relatively untouched by tourism. Here goes 5 secret places in Costa Rica:

Bahia de los Piratas:

Bahia de los Piratas is about 15 minutes from Playa Grande and can be accessed through Mato Palo or on the road to Huacas. Though it is not as popular as the surrounding beaches in the Playa Grande vicinity, it owes partially to its obscure location. It is a signature rock island flies a skull and crossbones flag. This place is named related to Pirates as this lengthy stretch of rose-colored sand and rocks used to be a hiding spot for pirates. It is a popular location among the local fisherman as grouper and other types of fish make their home among the rocks. The beach still has a clandestine feel though it is ensconced in dry forest. You can enjoy ATV tour and horseback riding to this secluded beach and explore the surrounding area. This beach is not typically a surfing beach but ideal for enjoying snorkeling, kayaking and paddleboarding. Though there is one hotel on the beach and has a bar attached on the beach, it is better to take own coolers and food to Bahia de los Piratas.

Barra Honda:

In Costa Rica, caves are not as familiar as other tourist destinations like parks, beaches or forests. If you want to enjoy thrilling adventure, you can go to the Barra Honda National Park and enjoy exploring some of the deeper caves. If you are traveling from San José to Guanacaste, you can stop at this area and enjoy the natural beauty of the majestic dry forest. You can an intricate large system of limestone caverns that has multitude of capricious forms and figures. The caves of Barra Honda were only explored in the late sixties. Before the exploration it was thought that Cerro Barra Honda was a volcano as inside the caves the bats used to make roaring sounds. Among the 42 caves, only 19 have been surveyed till now. In the surrounding area of the caves, cacti are everywhere and you will also find bats and monkeys.

Cabuya Island:

Cabuya Island is at the very end of the Nicoya Peninsula. According to local legend, this island is haunted by ghosts and the people who are most familiar with this island are supposedly dead. This tiny island, doubles as a cemetery, can only reached at the time of low tide. The south side of this island has a great surf spot and an open secret called ‘the Secret Reef’.

Piscina de los Pobres:

Known as the ‘pool of the poor’ to the locals, Piscina de los Pobres is situated eight miles from La Fortuna. Nestled just right next to the door to the mega-resort Tabacon, this place is know so familiar to the tourists or travelers. Only a yellow get is used to mark the area and you need to a bit hike to reach the place. Travelers are recommended to wear water shoes and don’t take their kids at this place as it has strong current.

Playa Zancudo:

Set between the Golfo Dulce and a saltwater mangrove lagoon, Playa Zancudo is a sleepy, isolated beach town on a narrow strip of land. This enormous but virtually unknown beach stretches for 6 miles on the shores of the Golfo Dulce in southern Costa Rica. This place is dotted with almond and coconut palms trees and adjacent to a mangrove lagoon. It is perfect for enjoying a variety of activities. You can go for day trips enjoy enjoy exploring the natural beauty of the area and also spot different species of wildlife. You can go for sportfishing and also can visit Pavones for a surf session or enjoy an organized tour with Zancudo Boat Tours.

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