6 Best Horseback Riding Tours in Costa Rica


It’s impossible to dissect horse riding away from Costa Rica. And why is this so? Horses and horsemanship are held in the highest regard in Costa Rica. Horse riding is part of the culture to the Ticos (Costa Ricans). They have rode on horse backs since time memorial and not even the hands of time could fade away their reverence for horse riding. So if you are an ardent horse rider then the above information should provoke you, to want to know more about horse riding in the beautiful country of Costa Rica.To show you how much the culture of horse riding is still alive in Costa Rica, it would be worth noting that there are some places in Costa Rica that are only accessible through a horse ride, hence it would be more apt to say that the best  ‘all-terrain vehicle’ in Costa Rica is a horse. So if you are keen on horse riding and you would love to enjoy equestrianism in Costa Rica, then below is a list of 5 best horsebacks riding tour in Costa Rica:

Centaura Farm

Horse-Back-Riding-at-CentauAt Centura horse riding can only be compared to the very air you breathe. This could be a telling reason why CNN termed horse riding at Centaura as one of the best horse riding experience in the world. Their horses receive top-notch care from what they eat to how they are trained, and in turn you can trust them to give you the best horse ride you have ever experienced in your life. There are various types of horses to suit your height, need and expertise in equestrian. From horses that ride like a rocket to some that heed to every signal you give them, Some tourist have actually said that riding some of this horses felt as though the horses were reading their very souls.

The places that you will be given to choose from for your horse riding expedition will make your stay in Costa Rica a living memory in your mind.  From riding on real forest to the hot springs on the mountain tops, from the cloud forest to the rain forest. But the bit that takes the cake home must be the ride on the beach, imagine ridding on the beach with the cool air caressing your face, the cool breeze playing with your hair at every stride the horse take. It’s simply a dose of paradise riding on a horse in Costa Rica thanks to Centaura.

Website: Centaura Farm
Phone: (800) 728-9930- in Costa Rica: (+506) 2475-5226

Discovery Horseback Tours

Discovery-Horse-RidingThis award winning tour guide got the chance to grace the face of Horse riding advertisement in Costa Rica thanks to their peerless services in horse riding. It was selected by the Costa Rican Tourist board. They have bagged several other awards in Costa Rica and they would be the best choice if you want to enjoy the best hospitality in Costa Rica.

Because of their love for horses, they treat the horses as they are all part of a family. The horses are well trained and you don’t have to be a rodeo superstar for you to ride them. Even beginners have their place at the Discovery Horseback Tours.

Website: Discovery Horseback Tours
E-mail : info@horseridecostarica.com
Tel (00 506) 8838 7550
Tel (00 506) 2643 7151

El Pinto Expeditions

El-Pinto-ownerEl PintoExpeditions offers quality rides for a wonderful horse- riding for all whether you are in an advanced rider or just a beginner. This ride will let you to explore the beauty of Cabuya just south of Montezuma from the tranquil pace of horseback. You can also go for mountain, jungle, beach or overnight moon rides. Marvin, the owner of El Pinto Expeditions, is a professional guide who is very experienced with horses as well as have enough knowledge about Costa Rican nature.  He is very careful about matching people with the right horse based on their previous experience and body size. He gives instructions for the comfort and safety for both the rider and also the horse. You can chose a four hour journey from Montezuma center to a remote beach El Chorro waterfall and this tour will allow you to spend most of the time close to the beach and part of the time on trails. You will enjoy the beauty of the wildlife areas such as Romelia and Nicolas Wessberg. You can also go for the tour ‘Overland route to the Florida waterfall’ which will start on the Pura Vida road. After travelling on a old road you will enter to a private farm and discover a remote waterfall.

Website: El Pinto Expeditions
Email: Elpintoexpeditions@gmail.com
Phone: +506 8385-9717

Good Costa Rica

Good-Costa-Rica-Horse-RidinAnother champion horse riding tour that offers different packages so that you to enjoy the beautiful sceneries’ of Costa Rica. One of the packages they offer is called the ArenalParaiso. This is a breathtaking package that will take you through 4 water streams. You then have the chance to discover the beautiful nature as the tour lets you ride through Private Reserve Cataratas. You will also have the chance to enjoy the magnificent view of Pino Blanco waterfall. A chance to meet the locals will be in the offing as these trip transverses across several villages.

There is also a package by the name of Paradise Riding. This trip takes you to Junquillo beach, Guanacaste and Santa Cruz. The horses are usually very calm on this occasion and you can choose to climb on some sideways peaks so that you can have the exotic sight of the Ocean.

Website: Good Costa Rica
E-mail: info@goodcostarica.com
Tel: (506) 2223-6200

Horse Trek Monteverde

Horse-Trek-MonteverdeThey term their services as the best horse riding opportunity for getting close to the unique nature that Costa Rica offers. At Horse Trek Monteverde, it doesn’t matter your ability in horse riding. So if you are a beginner then this is the best place for you. They will chose for you a horse that best suits your ability to ride a horse. This is also a great place for a family vacation as they have customized horse rides for children.

One of the most famous horses riding tour offered by the Horse Trekis the 8-day horseback riding package also known as ‘Trans of the Campesinos’ vacation. This vacation offers you the privilege to explore the mountains of Monteverde and Guanacaste on a close range and maybe take some photos along the way. On this horse riding tour you will be able to feast your eyes on the coffee and banana plantation, the beautiful river, the magnificent waterfalls and the endless nature in the forest and farm lands. This trips ends at the foot of Arenal volcano.

Website: Horse Trek Monteverde
Toll Free Number (US and Canada): 1 (866) 811-0522
Local Cell (English): 506-8359-3485
Local Cell (Spanish): 506-8379-9827
Email: info@horsetrekmonteverde.com

Sabine’s smiling Horses

Horse-Back-Riding-at-SabineThis is yet another horse riding tour that will give you a taste of horse riding in Costa Rica in a golden plate. They give customize treatment according to your level of expertise in horse riding, So if you are fairly green in horse riding, you don’t have to worry as Sabine’s Smiling Horse will give you a horse ride to suit your level of equestrianism. They offer different places to ride but one of their crowns jewel must be the waterfalls in Monteverde. The view you will get at this site is simply astounding. You also get the chance to view the Pacific Ocean and the Monteverde cloud forest from a far.

Professionalism at the Sabine’s Smiling Horses is always at all-time-high and because they understand and accommodate the diversity of human beings, before any horse ride there is a briefing in any language you understand.

Website: Sabine’s smiling Horses
email: info@smilinghorses.com
Phone: +506 2645 6894

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