5 Travel Mistakes to Avoid in Costa Rica

Costa Rica

While planning for a vacation in Costa Rica, you can avoid some travel mistakes with a little effort and preparation. While traveling to a new country, everyone and some make so many mistakes that ruin their whole journey. With a proper plan and some basic knowledge can make the traveler to enjoy the vacation without any regret. Some common mishaps like high-priced flights and broken budgets can be completely avoided with proper preparation. Even after taking proper preparation, if you make mistakes, you can learn from those mistakes and later you will become a better traveler. Just set yourself up for experiencing a stress-free and enjoyable vacation by steering clear of some of the common travel mistakes. Here goes 5 travel mistakes to avoid in Costa Rica:

Being Inflexible on Travel Dates:

If you can make your flight schedule for mid-week, you can save hundreds of dollars on airfare. During the time of Tuesdays and Wednesdays, ticket prices are usually cheapest and on Fridays and Saturdays, it becomes more expensive. If you are planning for a vacation during the high season like Christmas, Easter or New year, you should keep in mind that you will have to pay a premium for flights. If you have limited budget and also want to explore the country as it remain always, then you can visit during the month of May to November as this time is the country’s low tourism period and you can get serious discounts on the hotels and fabulous last-minute deals. You can save an average of 30% on accommodations and many more saving in many sector.

Prefer Strictly All-Inclusive:

If you are not visiting Costa Rica for enjoying honeymoon or a romantic getaway or if you don’t want to have luxurious facilities, then you don’t need to look for all-inclusive. You can choose from so many accommodation facilities that the country offers and can enjoy exploring the country’s diverse offerings. You will find a lot of posh resorts where you might get all the luxuries facilities but you can not enjoy the true nature of Costa Rica on the resort grounds. If you want to enjoy rich tapestry of adventure, culture and natural wonders, you should not choose all-inclusive strictly. You can save money by traveling by public bus and eat at a typical soda or at a mom-and-pop cafe.

Over Packing:

While traveling the more lightly you will pack your bag, the more you will be able to enjoy the journey. You can take just one pair of long pants which quickly dry and a long sleeve shirts, warm weather clothes. If you don’t have to use a particular type of toiletries than no need to pack them as you will get necessary toiletries in many of the resorts or hotels. Many hotels also provide laundry service for a nominal fee. You should also avoid over packing as many regional airlines have strict weight limits for baggage (25-40 pounds) if you plan on taking domestic flights. From local store, you can also buy any forgotten or misplaced item. While packing take your guidebooks and you can use your phone, laptop to stay update on the latest travel info.

Trying to do too Much:

Costa Rica offers plenty of options to enjoy a variety of activities but if you want to do a lot, you will not be able to enjoy properly. In your daily schedule, you should not include too much and you should also keep in mind about the distances and travel time that can be deceiving in Costa Rica. Even a short jaunt can take hours. If you try to see to much, you will only get stressed and will miss many things. If you want to visit Arenal Volcano, don’t visit for one day. If you carry enough cash, you can fly domestically between locations as it will save your valuable time and within short period, you will be able to visit more places. If you are planning for a one week vacation in Costa Rica, you can visit two or three destinations though ten days is even better.

Under Budgeting:

While you are traveling in Costa rica, to stay safe, you can try and budget some extra money. There are so many service charges, taxes, ATM fees, tips you will have to pay. A little padding in your budget for unexpected costs can create a much differences in you trips. Before booking your room, you should ask whether the hotel room rates are per person or per night and is there any taxes. If you take any all-inclusive package, verify all inclusions.

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