Costa Rica travel advice

Beautiful Costa Rica

Costa Rica, with its gorgeous beaches, food, culture, people, plethora of wildlife and never-ending activities options, is not just a vacation destination rather it is an interactive sensory experience. This country offers plenty of opportunities to everyone but before visiting this country, you should have some knowledge about it so that you can enjoy a memorable and comfortable vacation. Whether you are planning for a vacation for only some days or for a long period, you should know about the weather condition, choose the place to stay, whatever you want to enjoy. If you follow a travel guidance, you can enjoy a peaceful and enjoyable vacation. Costa Rica is bestowed with an intense array of biodiversity and environmental attractions such as hundreds of beaches along the Pacific and Caribbean coasts, majestic volcanoes, amazing river valleys, misty cloud forests and many more. There are also many yoga retreat centers and eco villages which offers a variety of yoga workshops, retreats, yoga teacher training programs, Permaculture programs and you can choose whichever retreats you want to join. Many centers and hotels also arranges different types of tours and activities that will make your vacation more memorable. You can also work as a volunteer and learn about the local culture, its fascinating ecological story, history and meet its people who will help you to explore the surrounding area and to enjoy more. Here goes Costa Rica travel advice to follow:

About Weather and Climate:

If you have a well-grounded and realistic understanding about the weather patterns of Costa Rica, you will help you to make your travel plan properly and you will be able to avoid any kind of unpleasant surprises. With its rich biodiversity, Costa Rica has two distinct seasons-dry and wet but the weather is different in its different parts or region. If you are planning for traveling from one side of the country to another or from the coast to the mountains, you should take prepare of having entirely different micro-climate. If you visit the higher areas, you will enjoy cooler environment because of having more rain.  Green season remains during the time of May to early December and that time the country receives more rain. From December through April you will enjoy the Dry season.

Places to Visit in Costa Rica:

There are multitude of travel destinations to explore and enjoy in Costa Rica. While planning for a vacation to enjoy in Costa Rica, you might face difficulties while deciding where to go and it might be the hardest part of your trip planning process. It is good to choose one or two destinations first and then depending on your interest, time constraints and proximity, you can choose other location. Nature lovers can visit the parks, volcano areas, rainforests, cloudforests, mountains and enjoy exploring the natural beauty. Beach goers will find nearly 300 different beaches along its stunning Pacific and Caribbean coastlines. People who want to get rid of daily stress and want to practice yoga or join any health retreat, they can choose many retreat centers to visit. Depending on your interest and budget find out the place to visit and enjoy a memorable vacation.

Where to Stay:

In Costa Rica you will find a lot accommodation facilities to choose from and you can choose that will match your budget, and the facilities as well as services you want to have. There are hilltop retreats, distinctive luxury accommodations, beachfront hotels, sustainable hotels, all-inclusive hotels, remote resorts, boutique hotel, farm hotel, ecolodges and also accommodations for the honeymooners as well as yoga retreat centers.

Money Saving tips for the budget oriented travelers:

Go camping:

There are many resorts and hostels in many areas that let the travelers camp. You can also rent tent from the hotel and those usually costs just 2,660 CRC per night.

Eat at the sodas:

You can enjoy the inexpensive local meals that are served by the family run restaurants called ‘Sodas’. These meals are usually costs around 1,065 CRC including a drink.

Eat at Musmanni:

You will find Musmanni (a bakery) in all over the country. You can enjoy a great lunch special offered by the bakery. It also serves a sandwich and a soda with a cost of 1,000 CRC and most of their pastries on only 300 CRC. If you eat at Musmanni, it will make your food costs down.

Avoid the tourist buses:

If you don’t have to rush, you can travel by local buses which are slower than the tourist buses as well as cost half price. Local buses don’t ever cost more than 5,335 CRC for any trip.

Top Things to do in Costa Rica:

Adventure Tours:

Adventure lovers will find a lot of opportunities to enjoy in Costa Rica. From crossing the forest on a zip line to rappelling down waterfall canyons, Kayaking, Biking, standup paddleboarding, rafting and many more adventure activities are there to choose from and enjoy having a thrilling experience.

Leisure Tours:

People who are not adventurous type and want to recharge and enjoy Costa Rica at a leisurely pace. You can go for an afternoon soaking in a volcanic hot spring, a walk through the rainforest on a suspension bridge, a sunset cruise, or for an aerial tram. In many hotels you will also find spa treatments that can help you to get relaxed completely. You can also visit some of the best beaches and spend some tranquil time there as well as enjoy amazing sunset view.

Nature Tours:

Amazing natural beauty and rich biodiversity makes Costa Rica a special travel destination and offers much more than a typical vacation destination. Nature lovers can enjoy walking through the tropical forests and spot a variety of wild animals and different species of colorful birds. There are also many parks to visit enjoy exploring the natural beauty of the area.

Marine Tours:

You can also go for marine tours and enjoy a variety of activities such as snorkeling, marine mammal observations, sport fishing, scuba diving and also sailing. You can enjoy exploring marine life and plants under the sea. You can also enjoy watching whales and dolphins.

Cultural Tours:

During your vacation in Costa Rica, you can also go for Cultural tours and know about its people, food, culture, celebrations. You can get most interesting cultural experiences by visiting the coffee farms and pineapple plantation. You can also go to the museums and know about the history, art of the country.

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