Horseback Riding in Costa Rica

Costa Rica is known for its vast as well as scenic mountains, plains and trails and what better way to explore this magical country than to do a bit of horseback riding? This is yet another different and exciting way to discover the beautiful valleys and see animals out into the wild.


Horseback Riding Adventures

Odyssey Adventure- This tour lets you explore the Pacific area of Costa Rica for about 10 days, venturing into different habitats only this country has to offer. Get ready to explore the cloud forest valleys, mangrove swamps, hot springs of the Arenal Volcano, farmlands, the beaches of the Pacific Ocean, the Machuca River Basin and many, many more.

Each day lets you ride the saddle for about 3-6 hours, more than enough time to let your horses run or lazily gallop along so you can bask in the majestic views of this side of Costa Rica. Even rookie riders can enjoy this trip and there’s no need to worry because horseback riding experts are there to accompany you along the way as you hop on your criollo and criollo crosses.

The entire 10-day tour is about $2,000 inclusive of hotel pick-ups and a stay in their eco-lodge. However, dinner on the first and last night are exclusive.


Rainforest Adventure-This 8-day horseback riding tour not only lets you ride your horses but also offers other activities. If you want to take a break from the saddle, you can do a bit of kayaking, canopy tour, snorkeling and nature hikes.

But if you’re really into just riding these strong, beautiful criollos, then set yourself for an adventure along the Tarcoles River where 2,000 crocodiles can be found as well as other bird and animal species. Horseback across savannas, dry forests, mango plantations, jungles and gallery forests and meet the locals in the rural communities where you’ll be passing by.

Your average horseback riding per day is about 3-5 hours and the tour is priced for around $1,700 including hotel pick-up and accommodations.


Buena Vista Mega Combo Adventure- this one-day tour will surely pay off after you pay $139. Not only do you get to explore the biodiversity and the wildlife of the Rincon de la Vieja side of the country, you also get to enjoy leisurely rides on the horse s or ride the tractor-pulled cart. Explore the hanging bridges and enjoy the 400-meter waterslide. Once you’re done with the entire workout, you can get a well-deserved massage in the spa right at the end of the tour.


La Fortuna Watefall- This is a great budget horseback riding trip for only $50 per person. This allows you to see beyond the beauty of the Arenal Volcano and its thermal springs. This lets you gallop your way to the naturally mesmerizing La Fortuna Waterfall. Before you get to reach the falls, you’ll be spending an hour of horseback riding along the dense forests of the Arenal area and along the way, you’ll be able to spot monkeys, pelicans, toucans and much more rich and vibrant wildlife.

The end of your tour will take you to the 70-meter high waterfall where you can swim and dip your bodies to the warm, soothing waters.


Playa Hermosa Mountain Horseback Ride- For only $65, you’ll be able to indulge yourselves in hors back riding around the Pacific area. Enjoy the beaches of Playa Hermosa just before you leave to start your tour. It’s up to you if you only want to ride for about 2 ½ hours or the whole day. This will take you to a breathtaking view on top of the mountains, even matching it with a glass of wine and a satisfying and scrumptious picnic. Bring your kids along as the trails in this tour are friendly enough for young ones and first-timers.


Costa Rica is indeed a place that is meant to be explored, discovered and appreciated. So if you’ve checked zip-lining, ATV tours, surfing and scuba diving off your list, then horseback riding should be the next.


Getting  To Your Destinations

These various horseback riding tours allow hotel-pickups and also if you’re coming from the San Jose International Airport. Other take-off points are in Playa Hermosa which is about 3 hours away from San Jose. It’s better to make reservations and do a schedule so easy pick-ups and drop-offs can be done.



Places to Stay

Cerro Lodge

Maravilla Lodge

La Ensenada Lodge





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