Baldi Hot Springs: Costa Rica’s Safe, Relaxing and Affordable Escape

Among other hot springs in the Arenal area of Costa Rica, the Baldi Hot Springs may be the most popular of them all. It possesses a safe distance from the Arenal Volcano and offers reasonable rates the year-round.

With its relaxing garden setting, warm blissful waters and a variety of carefully-designed pool areas, the Baldi Hot Springs promises a complete mineral bath experience.


A Risk-Free Location

The Baldi Hot Springs are located safely outside the Arenal Volcano. As established by the January 2001 law of the National Prevention of Risks and Emergency Commission, it is far from the risk-zones of the area.

This shouldn’t deceive anyone who wants to bask in the warm waters and enjoy a panoramic view of the volcano because it still offers a breathtaking view of vast landscapes, including the Arenal Volcano itself.


Rates and Passes

The Baldi Hot Springs are open from 10:00 AM to 10:00 PM ad below are the rates and passes to choose from once you’re in the area:

1. Unlimited Pass with Lunch and Dinner- Adults are to pay $55 and children $28 if they want to enjoy a whole day in Baldi Hot Springs which includes lunch and dinner.

2. Unlimited Pass with Lunch or Dinner- Adults are to pay $41 and children $21 with a choice of lunch or dinner as they bask in the hot springs for an entire day.

3. Unlimited Pass- Exclusive of meals but with a full day to enjoy in the warm waters, adults are to pay $27 and children $14.


After a long day of riding your dirt bikes, hiking along the trails of nature reserves and kayaking through the rivers of Costa Rica, you’d surely want to kick back, relax and get a soothing, warm bath. With Costa Rica’s thermal waters thanks to Baldi Hot Springs, your vacation in Costa Rica is now complete.


Getting to Baldi Hot Springs

Baldi Hot Springs is located in the center of La Fortuna’s rainforests. If you’re coming from San Jose, it’s a good 3-hour drive and it’s the same driving duration if you’re coming from the Northern beaches and the province of Guanacaste. But visitors should be careful of winding and dangerous roads along the way.


Staying in Baldi Hot Springs

There are nearby hotels surrounding the famed hot springs. Los Lagos and Arenal Springs Resort are two popular locations if you’d like to stay somewhere else although the top pick is considerably the Baldi Hot Springs Hotel & Spa. It’s built for family outings and relaxing escapes and boasts of 32 rooms, tropical gardens and therapeutic treatments apt for anyone who simply want to unwind.

This famous hotel’s edge is their 25 different pools with varying water temperatures ranging from 35 to 65 degrees Celsius. So if you’re looking for the perfect temperature to marry with your body, they’ve got more than enough pools to choose from. During nighttime, you may get to sit back and witness a spectacular view of lava flows after you get your mineral bath fix.


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