Guanacaste Province

Famous surf spot, Witch's Rock, north of Tamarindo in Guanacaste Province, Costa Rica

Witch's Rock - Photograph by Sean Davis

Costa Rica is one of those countries which are on top of the lists of vacation preferences by tourists all over the world. Costa Rica is divided into seven provinces and Guanacaste Province is one of the most popular to visit. It’s located in the north western part of Costa Rica with its coast on the Pacific Ocean. It borders neighboring provinces Alajuela and Puntarenas while it also shares a border with the country of Nicaragua to the north. Guanacaste has it all.. there are volcanoes, beautiful waterfalls and exotic beaches, all in once province. Liberia is the capital city of the Guanacaste Province, and it has the only international airport in Costa Rica besides the San Jose airport. One reason it’s so popular with tourists is that it has the driest, hottest weather and the most sunny days.

Two Famous Tourist Attractions in Guanacaste Province

There are many locations within Guanacaste Province which are loved by tourists who visit. There are many surfing schools here as well, along with exhilarating and thrilling adventure parks. Two of the most famous tourist attractions in Guanacaste Province include “Toes to the Nose Surf School” and Pura Adventura.

Toes to the Nose Surf School is an excellent school where surf newbies take classes about surfing while experienced surfers are also given tips and learn more advanced techniques which help them to enjoy and excel at surfing more.

Pura Adventura is an adventure park developed within a forest. There’s a canopy tour (zip line) with 11 cables, a rappel and a swinging bridge. They also offer horseback riding, and one can rent fully automatic Yamaha ATVs which riders take to be spellbound by the beautiful mountains, rivers and valleys.

Why Tourists like visiting Guanacaste Province

Guanacaste Province is blessed with a vast array of exotic beaches, beautiful scenery, and some of the best surfing in the oceans. Tourists are drawn to Guanacaste province also due to the quality adventure parks, surfing schools, and luxury hotels and resorts. The great Costa Rica weather is a big draw. Tourists like to visit Guanacaste due to the fact that they can enjoy a drier, warmer climate from December through April, where it usually doesn’t rain at all. For many Americans and Canadians, who get few vacation days every year, they want to make sure they don’t have rain when they’re hoping to spend time at the beach. Many ocean enthusiasts are curious about scuba diving in Costa Rica. While the country doesn’t have so many amazing reefs like Roatan, it does have a lot of marine life, especially big fish… whale sharks, dolphins, whales, and huge schools of fish. Check out Bill Beards for scuba diving options in various towns of northern Guanacaste.

Guanacaste Province has hundreds of hotels, eco-lodges and rental villas, and so you’ll be able to choose the accommodation that most suits you during your stay.

Here are just a few hotel and lodging recommendations among the hundreds, or thousands, of possibilities in the area:

Among the great diversity of things to do, here are a few recommendations:

In all, Guanacaste has many attractions for tourists and its coast along the Pacific Ocean makes it an excellent proposition for tourists while its diverse culture and excellent hospitality are factors which push the hands of the tourists into deciding to visit Guanacaste Province.

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