Best Coffee Tours in Costa Rica

Doka estate coffee tour

For its smooth flavor and superb quality, coffee of Costa Rica is famous all around the world. Rich volcanic soil and cool temperatures of the country is ideal for cultivating coffee. Though all around the country, there are many coffee plantations, areas of San Jose to Monteverde and the surroundings of the Tilaran mountain are the most ideal locations which have most perfect weather for growing coffee. While visiting Costa Rica, you can make your vacation more enjoyable by joining a coffee tour. All the coffee tours have their different appeal but most of the tours will make you enjoy experience the process of coffee plantations. With the help of an expert guide, you can go to the coffee fields, enjoy picking a few coffee cherries or checking out tiny coffee plants. You will also can see the transformation of the coffee bean through drying and then how those are peeled and roasted. At the end of the tour, you can enjoy coffee tasting and also can take some sample to your home. Here goes some of the best coffee tours in Costa Rica:

Café Mondeverde Coffee Tour:

monteverde coffee tour At the beginning of this tour, you will learn about the history of the region and also know about how the community developed as well as know about the coffee producers. Then you will go down for about 500 feet and reach a steep road La Trocha where you will see the grown coffee crops. From a local farmer, you will learn how they harvest the coffee plants and how they separate the coffee beans in different grades. You can also get the opportunity to enjoy picking some ripe coffee berries and also also can enjoy tasting them. Then you will visit beneficio where the seed is separated from the fruit and dried in the sun. And when the beans completely dried, those are roasted and exported. Then you will visit coffee shop where you can taste a variety of roasts and can also buy some fresh coffee.


Doka Estate Coffee Tour:

doka estate coffee Doka Estate is situated Sabanilla, Alajuela, along the fertile slopes of the Poas Volcano. It has been growing and roasting award-winning coffee for three generations. This coffee tour will allow you to gain an intimate understanding of the process how the coffee grown, harvested and also produce in both inside the country and around the world. The tour will start by showing the process of the plant development and you will also see the ripe collection. During this tour you will also get the opportunity to know about different plants, production, traditional techniques of cultivating the grains as well as know about the history and geography of the area. You will also learn how the grains are classified and the processing of de-pulping. Then you will also see how the second quality coffee are grinned. The tour will end with a visit to the Doka Estate souvenir shop, where visitors can find the coffee packed in cute, sealed take away bags.


Espiritu Santo Coffee Tour:

espiritusanto coffee tour This top quality coffee plantations is surrounded by 247 hectares and there you can learn about the trues story behind a steaming cup of coffee. After visiting the farm, the tour guide will inform you about the history of the farm and also about the altitude, location, topography and other interesting details about it. During this tour you will see the coffee in the different stages of development and varieties. You will get the opportunities to see the process of planting from the nursery to the plant that produces the coffee beans. You will also know about the origin and the uses of the traditional mean of transportation that is one of the eight national symbols of Costa Rica. After visiting the Coffee Mill, you will see the pulping, selection and fermentation processes and will know about the three methods used to dry coffee. In the penultimate stage of the tour, you will visit the roasting room where you will enjoy the incomparable aroma of the coffee. There you will also see the ovens and the packaging process and also the different roasting levels. At the end of the tour, you will get the opportunity to visit the souvenir shop and purchase coffee.


The Classic Britt Coffee Tour:

classic coffee Café Britt is situated in the fertile highlands of Costa Rica’s central valley. Since 1991, this cafe has been running coffee plantation tours. During these tours, you will enjoy visiting both coffee plantation and roastery and will enjoy watching workers and also learning the art of professional coffee tasting. During the whole tour you will be accompanied by expert guides who are friendly and knowledgeable and will ensure you enjoy the tour. This tour will allow you to learn about sustainable growing practices and its role in the country’s social and economic spheres. You will also visit a well-stocked gift store from where you can buy fresh bags of coffee.


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