Costa Rica Coffee Tours: The Mecca for All Coffee Lovers

Coffee Tours Drinking coffee is a way of life and even a means for survival for Costa Ricans. Coffee beans have been used in the various industries since the 19th century. Recognized as one of the finest importers of coffee for over 150 years, Costa Rica is one place that should not be dismissed when looking for what might be the best cup of coffee.


A Bean of History

Coffee is not native to Costa Ricans. Arabic coffee beans were brought to the coastal country by the Spanish and quickly became a household name in the trade industry. The temperate climate and the fertile soil permitted these seeds to become abundant among the areas of Costa Rica. It’s no wonder why that until now, this Latin American country is known for its coffee beans.

It is said that the best coffee can be found in the Central Valley but there are other coffee tours around different plantations that beg to say otherwise. Various tours last for up to four hours because in this Central American country, they take coffee very seriously.


Espiritu Santo’s Coffee Tour

Surrounded by 640 acres of Arabic coffee plantation, no trip is complete for any tourists without visiting Espiritu Santo. It is located in the mountains of Naranjo and is a take-off point other must-see destinations of Costa Rica including Monteverde, Guanacaste and the Arenal areas. An estimated tour rate of $22entiteles you to a compete tour of the Espiritu Santo coffee plantation.


Café Britt

Known to be the largest exporter of coffee in the country, Café Britt holds the most popular coffee plantation tour. Nestled in the Central Valley of Costa Rica, this coffee plantation has been running since 1991 and has housed visitors who are interested in the art of making coffee. It takes you only $20 to get around this plantation as well as getting to taste one of the best coffees Costa Rica has to offer.


The Doka Estate

Just off the slopes of the Poas Volcano, the Doka Estate boasts of growing award-winning coffee beans and roasting it close to perfection. The tour which will only cost you around $20 allows you to learn more about processing these little beans and making it as aromatic and tasty as possible.


Café Monteverde Tour

Among all the other coffee tours Costa Rica, Café Monteverde prices its own plantation journey for about $30 because it is believed to be one of the best places to witness the process of having a coffee bean turn into a cup of coffee. Apart from that, the Café Monteverde is the representation of Costa Rica’s environmental sustainability thus giving it greater credibility.


Apart from Coffee..

Other than enjoying and learning all about the things there is to know about coffee, tourists get to see one of the largest volcanic craters in the area. Poas Volcano guarantees another sight to see for about $69 entrance fee–a different flavor, apart from the Arabic taste of Costa Rica’s coffee.

Coffee tours in Costa Rica welcome you to an entirely different blend of adventure. With all the coffee tours made available in and around the country as well as the tidbits in between, guests who find themselves learning more about this staple cup of richness and smoothness will surely never look at a cup of coffee the same way, ever again.


Places to Stay

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Doka Estate

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