Catarata Eco Lodge



Catarata Eco Lodge

Catarata Eco Lodge is an unassuming and intimate family style ambiance sporting La Fortuna property, which brings together the best experiences of sustainable tourism, comfortable living conditions and exhilarating naturalist/adventure tours. Tucked away from the prying eyes of tourists (against a spectacular backdrop of the dramatic Arenal Vocano), Catarata is a brilliant fusion of nature inspired relaxation, an amazing cultural journey and environmental awareness. The eco lodge’s brilliant location in Arenal’s no risk zone has allowed its guests to witness vantage point views of the volcano from a harmless distance, while also offering them the chance of participating in a cultural discovery trip of the adjoining village communities. Catarata’s surrounding landscape is attractively sprinkled with picturesque waterfalls, thermals waters and picture perfect tropical rainforests, in addition to other outstanding natural features. This eco lodge exudes a quiet, rural country side elegance, and has been continuously engaged in the conservation of natural resources for future generations. Catarata Eco Lodge is ideal for tourists who are looking for a more pretense free lodging option, which radiates a genuine natural aura untouched by the more contrived trimmings of bigger eco luxury resorts.

Tours and Amenities

Catarata-Lodge Catarata Eco Lodge’s in-house facilities are a mixture of comfort, convenience, relaxation and recreation. The property features everything from a large swimming pool to several exciting walking trails, a well-informed tour desk, speedy laundry service, Wi-Fi internet access, 24 hour security and a pleasant ambiance sporting, local fare offering restaurant.

The nonchalant and simple Catarata Lodge features a long list of naturalist and adventure based activities that are aimed at introducing guests to the breathtaking natural beauty of the region. The most sought after recreational pursuits in Catarata’s neighborhood are a thrilling hanging bridges tour, a tour of the magical Danaus Ecocenter  (that allows visitors to gain first hand insights of native plants, indigenous butterflies and organically cultivated crops), a trip to the popular attraction – the majestic Arenal Volcano, an enjoyable boat safari on the River Penas Blancas, a kayak trip down the Arenal Lake, a scenic horseback riding  journey to the La Fortuna Waterfall, an adventure packed exploratory tour of the mysterious Venando Caves, an interesting night walk through the labyrinth trails of the jungle (for viewing the area’s incredible nocturnal wildlife in a visually compelling tangerine sunset backdrop) and a photographic Sunset Cruise.

Other popular tours organized by the lodge are a unique boat/canoe trip to the verdant and ecologically gifted Cano Negro Wildlife Refuge, a invigorating hike along River Celeste, early morning and late afternoon (the best time for spotting the tropical aerials in all their glory) bird watching tours, canoeing trips, horseback rides to Monteverde, the rare and extremely fascinating turtle watching tours and a pleasurable shopping sojourn at Liberia. For visitors who prefer less frenetic itineraries can participate in half day snorkeling, scuba diving, fishing, ATV and sports fishing tours.


Catarata Eco’s accommodation profile comprises 21 tastefully appointed, naturally lit and nicely ventilated rooms providing beautiful vistas of the nearby volcano. Every room is minimally adorned and radiates an aura of comfort and positivity, while offering all standard amenities from hot water to a private bathroom to a ceiling fan.

Though the accommodations at Catarata Eco Lodge do not score very high on the fancy trimmings quotient, they display a practical design and clever space planning detailing. The interiors are in sync with the down to earth vibe of the lodge and exude a kind of quiet elegance that conveys a sense of responsible tourism. The accommodations are specifically designed for offering visitors an authentic Costa Rican natural experience in an atmosphere that is as real and unpretentious as possible.


Catarata Eco-Lodge
La Fortuna, San Carlos, Costa Rica
Teléfono: (506) 2479-9522 – Fax: (506) 2479-9168


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