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Costa Rica Surf Club is a surf camp and shop based in Playa Tamarindo, a famous surfer’s beach in the Guanacaste Province of Costa Rica. The surf club is well known among locals and foreigners for its superb services, innovative surf classes and professionalism. Costa Rica Surf Club provides surf lessons to everyone. Whether you wish to improve your skills, learn new moves or planning to go surfing for the very first time, the camp hosts an Costa Rica Surf Club 2 incredible platform for all kinds of surf sessions. Costa Rica Surf Club features an impressive surf shop, offers customizable surf packages, surf expeditions and options for accommodations. Along with surfing, the staff of the camp arranges other adventurous trips as well such as turtle watching tours, ATV tours, mountain biking, tours of mangrove and swamps and sailing. With their awesome services, affordable amenities and amazing location, the camp is dedicated to make your surf retreat as wonderful as possible.

Costa Rica Surf Club Packages

Costa Rica Surf Club organizes surf classes in exceptional surf spots including places like Playa Tamarindo, Playa Negra, Ollie’s Point and Witch’s Rock. The surf spot is selected according to the skills of students and weather conditions.

Surf Classes for Beginners

For beginners, the camp is proud to present a refined program called ‘Learn To Surf’. The Learn to Surf Program has first rate courses for novices which involve practicing in different ways, areas and paces. Beginner Packages is for newbies who know how to swim. Previous surfing experience is not required but the students have to be able to swim for at least 50 meters in the ocean. The package involves five surf lessons in Playa Tamarindo, free surf classes in five different levels of surf breaks, clinics about surf etiquette, tides and currents, wave forecast and a discussion time. It also offers 7 nights of accommodations, complimentary breakfasts, access to surfboards and a free T-shirt. Costa Rica Surf Club 3

Explorer Package

Explorer Package is for seasoned surfers who are looking for a bit of a challenge and ways to improve their skills. The camp arranges trips for the advanced students to the best surf breaks in Costa Rica. Once the spots have been decided and lodging booked by the camp, everything else is left up to your hands. You only need to know how to drive and have a driver license to prove it. Explorer package offers accommodations, complimentary breakfast, free wireless internet access and unlimited supply of surfboards.

Contact Costa Rica Surf Club

Location: Main street beachfront at Sunrise Commercial Center, Playa Tamarindo, Costa Rica
Phone Number: (506) 2653-0130
Facebook Page:

A Surf Adventure with Costa Rica Surf Club

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