Costa Rica Volunteer Programs

There are many reasons why thousands of people volunteer each year. Some people volunteer with a desire to travel while some others to meet new people, get familiar with new cultures or even for adventures! But above all it’s an excellent opportunity to help the people who are working to improve life in their communities. It’s also an excellent opportunity to self-actualization, self realization and alternative way to discover your life purpose. You will find some high standard Volunteer Programs in Costa Rica. Let’s have a look. If you don’t find what you’re looking for here, you can also try

Rancho Delicioso


Rancho-Delicioso Rancho Delicioso
200m Norte y Oeste de la Escuela Delicias
Cobano, Puntarenas 60111
Costa Rica

Work Activities:

  • Manual Labor
  • Animal Care
  • Maintenance of Volunteer Space
  • Cooking and Food Research
  • Internet Research
  • Article Writing

Price/Month: $400/month

Rancho Delicioso, an organic farm located on the southern Nicoya Peninsula of Costa Rica, offers a new volunteer program with excellent potential. Volunteer program in Rancho Delicioso is designed for the creative individuals who can see the opportunities around them,  figure out solutions and enthusiast enough to jump in and get their hands dirty, and see projects through to fruition.

Rancho Delicioso understands and acknowledges that every individual has his or her own purposes to attend a volunteer program. So in Rancho Delicioso they designed their unique volunteer program that creates a bridge between your purpose and the organizational goals, mission and vision. So this is the one of the very few volunteer program where you find enough opportunity to accomplish and meet your goals for joining the program.

Perfect for Eco passionate individuals, the volunteer program at Rancho Delicioso is a unique initiative with a vast potential which opens the door to peace, happiness and joy. But as they want to make sure you’re happy with your experience at Rancho Delicioso, they ask volunteers to commit at least a month or longer, although shorter term volunteers will also be considered if space and projects allow.

Global Crossroad

Atenas, Puntarenas
Toll-Free 1-866-387-7816


  • Work in Orphanage
  • Medical Project
  • Teaching English
  • City Improvement Project
  • Marine Project

Price: $460-$1120

In some areas poverty, child abuse and alcoholism are rampant and the Costa Rican government does not have the resources to provide sufficient support to local orphanages. There are many children in Costa Rica without families. These children need the parental love and care. The goal of the Global Crossroad’s volunteer in orphanage in Costa Rica project is to improve these children’s life standard. On the other hand Healthcare Volunteer project creates an opportunity to work in hospitals, clinics and with special projects to provide healthcare to disadvantaged and at-risk Costa Ricans.

Rustic Volunteers


San Miguel de Sarapiqui
Costa Rica


  • Physically support the farms
  • Harvest crops (generally by picking coffee)
  • Learn and share organic practices

Price: $941-$1600

If you are looking for non expensive volunteer programs but want to make a positive contribution in the world, Rustic Volunteer program is perfect for you. This opens the door to the world healthy living and creates the opportunity to work in an organic and sustainable farm in Costa Rica. You will work closely with local farmers. You will be helping them grow coffee, organic fruit and vegetables crops. This program also creates opportunities to explore this great country while working in Organical Farms, agroecological farm, sustainable project development etc.

International Volunteer HQ (IVHQ)


International Volunteer HQ


    • PO Box 8273


    • New Plymouth



Physical Adddress:

    • Level 6 – 62 Gill Street


    • New Plymouth



PHONE: +64 6 758 7949 (International)

Work Activities:

  • Eco-Agriculture Conservation
  • Turtle Conservation
  • Construction and Renovation
  • Health Care
  • Childcare Work
  • Teaching English
  • Special Education

Price/Month: US $975/Month

International Volunteer HQ (IVHQ) offers high quality volunteer programs throughout Costa Rica as there are many works available for the volunteers. And for the specific project, the location is also specific  such as turtle projects are limited in their locality and many  other projects are based out of the capital of San Jose. It offers weekly and monthly program on different rate so that the individual can choose the project they want to. During the volunteer program, the volunteer will stay with a family which will be given the money from the volunteer’s fee. While staying with the local family, volunteers will get the opportunity to know about Costa Rican culture, to eat the local food,  to learn the local language and to engage in local custom and traditions.

OMV Experience


Osa Mountain Village
Costa Rica


  • Organic farming
  • Permaculture & Edible Landscaping
  • Wildlife Animal Rescue & Rehabilitation
  • Cultivating Butterflies
  • Helping to maintain Rainforest hiking trails

Price: $550.00/2 weeks

Access to safe and healthy food is a fundamental concern of any society. Anyone can get involved and help by volunteering on a Farming project. Volunteering on an organic farm is a good way to help someone while gaining valuable experience. OMV Experience creates this opportunity for you. Volunteers will with local farmers to receive training and then become involve in awareness programs to spread the benefits of organic farming. On the other hand, Permaculture combines the best of natural landscaping and edible landscaping. Find out how you can turn your backyard into a year-round food producing zone. Other activities include Wildlife Animal Rescue & Rehabilitation, Cultivating Butterflies and Helping to maintain Rainforest hiking trails.

Volunteering Solutions


Heredia, Santa Barbara and Alajula
San Jose


  • Childcare
  • Teaching English
  • Turtle Conservation
  • Wildlife & Rescue Center

Price: $1150/4 Weeks

Located in Heredia, Santa Barbara and Alajuela areas,Volunteering Solutions provides Volunteer Programs in the areas of Childcare, Teaching English and Conservation. In Childcare program you will have the opportunity to work for the children from nearby poor countries such as Guatemala. The goal of this program is to support and protect the homeless children and also those who are under fed and malnourished. Another excellent activity is Teaching English. Costa Rica’s children learn English for a future with no borders. In Costa Rica, the skill of speaking English is an excellent way to advance a career as Learning English is very important for the students with the increase in tourism in the country and emergence of Costa Rica as a popular destination. There are some more activities like Turtle Conservation and Wildlife & Rescue Center.

Global Vision International


Global Vision International
225 Franklin Street, 26th Floor
Boston, MA 02110 USA
Phone: +1 888 653 6028<


  • Wildlife and Terrestrial Conservation
  • Construction Projects
  • Animal Care
  • Healthcare Projects
  • Volunteer with Children
  • Marine Conservation
  • Sports Projects
  • Teaching Projects

Price/Month: $1355

Global Vision International, a family run organization, offers volunteer program all around the world for the people from all backgrounds and all age. People who are interested in doing creative works related to wildlife, health or education, they can join the volunteer programs and can work for a week or for a year. Global Vision International also offers volunteer program for school groups and younger volunteers. Volunteer vacations allow the participants to make a lifetime experience with some very worthwhile volunteer work and a great vacation. This organization also works with other well-known organization such as  Rainforest Concern, The Jane Goodall Institute, South African National Parks, Kenyan Wildlife Service, The Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund, The Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society etc.

Working Abroad



Playa Tortuga, Pacific coast
Costa Rica
Phone: 01273 479 047
+44 1273 479 047


  • Sea Turtle Conservation Programme
  • Mammal Inventory Monitoring project
  • Crocodilian monitoring – Balso and Tortuga River night kayaking monitoring
  • Environmental Education & Butterfly Garden Project

Price: $1550

Conservation volunteers work within a non-profit biological research and education center. During the volunteer program, all the volunteers will get food, accommodation, training and research within the reserve area. Sea turtles are a fundamental link in marine ecosystems. They offer sea turtle conservation travel opportunities for the volunteers looking to leave a positive impact. A wide variety of methods have been employed for the inventory and monitoring of mammals. This program offers the opportunity to monitor status of crocodile species. Program includes Balso and Tortuga River night kayaking monitoring and environmental Education & Butterfly Garden Project.

Global Volunteer Network


global-volunteer-network Global Volunteer Network
Postal Address:
GVN Charitable Trust,
PO Box 30-968
Lower Hutt
New Zealand.
Physical Address:
Level 2
105 High Street
Lower Hutt


  • Turtle Project
  • Coffee cooperative
  • Construction
  • Orphanage and Childcare
  • Healthcare-Health Education
  • Healthcare-Occupational Therapy
  • Teaching English

Price/Month: $2297

Global Volunteer Network was  launched in December 2000. This organization offers many volunteer programs in Costa Rica and except the coffee project and turtle projects, most of the projects are based in and around the capital, San Jose. Volunteer projects are flexible and the facilitators focus each workshop on the skills that will be most beneficial for the group as a whole. Global Volunteer Network arranges the accommodation for the volunteers in a local family so that the volunteers can get knowledge about local culture, local food and can communicate with local people. Anyone from all around the world can join the volunteer program for  helping local Costa Rican communities.


frontier Location:

Corcovado National Park, Lontra longicaudis and Osa Peninsula
Phone: 1 949 705 4492


  • Primate observation-based studies
  • Turtle monitoring
  • Tracking big cats
  • Bird surveys
  • Butterfly surveys (Dry season only)

Price: $ 2,345

Frontier offers over 300 projects in 57 different countries around the globe. In a world where time travel is not possible there is no way to observe evolution directly as each species changes and diversifies. But through Primate observation-based studies offered by Frontier you will have the opportunity to observe primate life closely. Volunteer have the unique opportunity of being a part of the turtle monitoring and seeing these amazing reptiles either during their stay. Other interesting activities include  Tracking big cats and Bird surveys. Butterfly surveys  are available only during the dry season. The surveys have been enriching and rewarding with some epic hikes around the forest.

International Student Volunteer


International Student Volunteer
4848 Lakeview Ave. Suite 100-A
Yorba Linda CA 92886 USA
Phone: (714) 779-7392
Fax: (714) 777-4647


  • isvolunteers Wildlife research and monitoring for endangered species
  • Protection of animals such as sea turtles and dolphins
  • Supporting organic agriculture development
  • Wildlife research and monitoring for endangered species
  • Children’s programs and education using arts and crafts
  • Community recycling programs
  • Infrastructure improvements and beautification
  • Sustainable development in rural communities
  • Environmental education programs

Price/Month: $3,895.00

International Student Volunteers was founded by Randy Sykes who is also the International Director of this organization. It is a non-profit ethical organization in the USA, Costa Rica, Thailand and Ecuador, offers life-changing volunteer programs across six continents. From all around the world over 25,000 participants have experienced the volunteer, cultural, educational and adventure programs. Its mission is to support sustainable development initiatives around the world through life-changing volunteer. This organization also offers volunteer programs in numerous countries internationally. Over 200 staff work tireslessly to ensure the volunteers have an amazing experience and the project makes a sustainable and meaningful impact.

Crosscultural Solutions


Cartago, Costa Rica
Phone: 1-800-380-4777


    • crosscultural-solutions Improve education for children
    • Assist with the care of infants and children
    • Improve health and the sense of dignity among the elderly
    • Improve the quality of care for people with Diabetes
    • Support those affected by HIV/AIDS


Price: $4626

Recent Neuroscience researches confirm that a child’s first few years of life is very important to healthy growth. Crosscultural Solutions creates an outstanding opportunity to assist with not only the care of infants and children but also improve education for children. A community’s elders are its deepest roots, a living connection to every generation. Here you’ll build bridges between cultures and across generations by offering an elderly person attention and love You will assist with the activities to improve health and the sense of dignity among the elderly. Their activity list includes so many interesting things like these.

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