Costa Rica Wildlife


Wildlife of Costa Rica includes all biologically occurring animals, plants and fungi that exist in this Central American country. Costa Rica is populated with many different species of wildlife. This is mostly due to its geographic location between the South and North American continents and also for its neo tropical weather. Costa Rica is habitat of more than half a million species, which signifies almost 4% of the total species exists worldwide that makes Costa Rica as one of the rich bio diverse country in the world. There is no such place in the world where you will get this many varieties of habitats clutch into such a small area. The range of habitats in Costa Rica creates an incredibly rich verity of flora and fauna; in actual fact no other country on the planet has such diversity. This clear-cut fact alone (not to talk about the simplicity of travel and gracious residents) makes Costa Rica the leading destination for nature lovers from all around the world.

wildlife in Costa Rica Together with its assorted geography, the huge number of species in Costa Rica is also owing to the pretty recent appearance of the country. Approximately three million years ago Costa Rica emerged from the ocean and shaped a land bridge between North and South America, and since species from these two vast natural provinces started to intermingle.

Costa Rica’s biodiversity is able to attribute to the diversity of ecosystems within the country. Deciduous forests, tropical rainforests, Atlantic and Pacific coastline, mangrove forests and cloud forests, are all there in the 19,730 square miles of Costa Rica..You will get twelve climatic zones in this ecological region. This variation provides abundant places which are filled with a vast variety of species.

wild-snake There are nearly 1,251 species of butterflies and no less than 8,000 species of moths are found in Costa Rica. Moths and butterflies are common year round but are more seen during the rainy season. Ten percent of branded butterfly species worldwide exist in Costa Rica.

Invertebrate species make up most of Costa Rica’s wildlife. Of the estimated 500,000 species, about 494,000 are invertebrates (including crabs and spiders). Costa Rica is home to around 175 amphibians, 85% of which are frogs including the striking colored red-eyed tree frog. Alongside the frog species, roughly 40 species of lung less salamander and 2 species of caecilian are there, both not often seen and little known.

Around 225 reptiles are found in Costa Rica. This comprises in excess of 70 species of lizards, generally small, forest-dwelling anoles. Large lizards, for instance the striped basilisk, green iguana and black iguana are most likely the country’s most commonly meet reptiles. There are more than 120 species of snakes are found in the country, including a wide diversity of harmless colorbreeds and 5 types of powerful boas.

Wild cats, such as Pumas, Ocelots, Margays, Jaguarondi, and Little Spotted Cats are seen in Costa Rica. Capuchin monkeys are widely recognized as the most intelligent New World monkey. 894 bird species have been traced in Costa Rica, including scarlet-colored plumage macaw with light blue accents on their tails.

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