Crocodile Bay Resort-Costa Rica

Crocodile Bay Resort

The crocodile bay resort-Costa Rica is located very near to the airport in Puerto Jiminez and is characterized by miles of sandy, beautiful beaches and quiet, secluded rain forests. The most famous recreations are surfing, fishing and its enchanting bio life which consists of exotic birds and wild animals.  The Crocodile bay resort also boasts of the 2.5% of the total world’s bio diversity. It has gained great significance as an ecological wonder of the world. The Crocodile bay is also one of the favorite destination of anglers (people who enjoy fishing), all over the world. It was called the “the most ecologically intense place on earth” by the National geographic magazine.

During the 1930’s the peninsula was a great attraction for most gold diggers who settled here in order to strike rich fast. Columbus named it “the rich coast” because of its abundance of gold deposits. However gold mining was declared illegal in this area during the early 1970’s.

In the year 1975 the government of Costa Rica made a decision to take 45,757 hectares of land from the Osa peninsula and established it as a national park. This was perhaps a very wise decision because this was a step towards the protection of the land’s natural resources and also a great protection and conservation of its wild life. 


Crocodile Bay Resort spa buidling The  Crocodile bay Resort  has beautiful accommodations which are well suited to any pocket. They have got luxury rooms as well as small bed and breakfasts. Their rooms are spacious and have the added facility of an air conditioner. Some rooms are luxurious enough to have Jacuzzis as well. There is also an option of renting a private villa, if you are looking for privacy and it could also be ideal for you if you are a large number of people who are out to enjoy some of the finest points of the Costa Rica bay.


Spa and Massage

Crocodile Bay Resort spa It also has a wonderful luxury spa where you can indulge in a variety of massages and aroma therapy. They also have special treatments and facials to rejuvenate the tired lines of your faces. The traditional massages are to die for and are an experience in luxury. They also have a hot stone massage which is simply to die for. So if you are looking to relax those aching muscles you have come to the right place. There are over more then 25 spa treatments to choose from as well as different spa packages

Flora and Fauna

Beautiful resort grounds which house the greatest number of flora and fauna and are so beautiful that they will simply take your breath away. Take photographs and keep them as keepsakes. The breath taking beauty of the bay resort will want you coming over for a vacation year after year. The crocodile lagoon might give you the creeps and is definitely not for the faint hearted but if you are the adventurous sort then this is something which you wont want to miss.

So visit and have a look at the beautiful crocodile bay resort and see for yourself nature bounty at its most marvelous, indulge in the special spa treatments and rejuvenate your senses or simply explore the wild life and be amazed at such an awesome and picturesque atmosphere!

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