Osa Peninsula: Nature’s Pride in Costa Rica

Known to have one of the tallest rainforests in the world, the Osa Peninsula is also popular for having the single largest expanse of lowland tropical rainforests in the whole of Central America. This popular flora and fauna sanctuary is located at the most southern tip of the Costa Rican Peninsula.

The Osa Peninsula has been declared as “one of the most biologically intense places on earth” by the National Geographic. Because of the countless and relentless praises this peninsula is getting, more and more visitors from all walks of life flock this area for a major dose of majestic natural beauty.


Staying There

scarlet macaw Accommodations in the Osa Peninsula are at large, considering the tremendous numbers of tourists coming in every year. All the lodges and hotels in the peninsula are reflective of the rich and abundant nature surrounding the area. With more than enough amenities and facilities readily available for guests, your stay is as unforgettable as your journey into the surreal beauty of the Osa Peninsula.



What to See and Do

The Osa Peninsula is home to many endangered species and these species have proven this place a sanctuary as its isolated location gives them the safety and comfort they need. A large part of the peninsula actually hoses the Corcovado National Park where quite a number of species of both animals and plants can be seen.

As you walk around the peninsula, there are occasional sightings of jaguars, puma, monkeys, Scarlet Macaw and Harpy Eagle to name very few. It is also home to the famous Costa Rica’s deadliest snake, the Fer-de-lance.

Water sports, hiking, bird-watching and basking on the beach are some of the things you can do in Osa Peninsula. You’re sure to have the grandest, eye-opening and unforgettable time with nature when you get here.


Getting to Osa Peninsula

The friendliest way to get to there is to take a one-hour flight from the capital of San Jose to the largest town in the peninsula, Puerto Jimenez. Another arrival point from San Jose after taking a 50-minute flight is the Drake Bay–an isolated and pricey region where vast biodiversity and wildlife are also present.


Places to Stay in Osa Peninsula

  1. El Remanso Lodge– Dubbed as the #1 hotel in Osa Peninsula, this 185-acre private reserve has been famous for their sustainable and nature-friendly practices such as using hydroelectric plants that provide for the electricity running in the entire lodge. You get to experience various activities such as zip-lining, waterfall rappelling and hiking as well as gastronomical feasts in their restaurant.
  2. Black Turtle Lodge– This ecolodge is located about two and a half miles from the peninsula. Its name is derived from the black sea turtles that come in to the beach to lay their eggs. Those who are lucky ad in-season get to watch this magnificent sight come to life. Although it’s quite a small lodge of four cabinas, the Black Turtle Lodge promises a warm, friendly and comfortable stay.
  3. Lapa Rios Rainforest Ecolodge & Wildlife Reserve– This hotel is big on preserving the wildlife and biodiversity of the Osa Peninsula. Tourists don’t only get to experience accommodating, nature-inspired hotel rooms and amenities. They get to do nature walks, bird-watching, learn more about the flora and fauna existing in the vicinity and some tips on how to preserve them. The highest point of Lapa Rios gives a panoramic view of the meeting of the Golfo Duce and the Pacific Ocean


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