Eco Vacation in Costa Rica

Eco Vacation in Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a perfect place for enjoying a memorable eco-getaway with its incredible biodiversity. Travelers who want to enjoy a memorable vacation in a natural setting, they will find a lot of options in this country. Costa Rica’s commitment is to preserve and share its natural treasures by maintaining sustainable accommodations and renewing energy initiatives and by reserving its pristine national parks and private reserves. If you visit Costa Rica for enjoying eco vacation, you can stay at a secluded eco-lodge. Some eco lodges also offer yoga retreat so you can enjoying the workouts on a platform overlooking amazing nature. You can also visit an inn on a cliff above the ocean, go for exploring volcanoes and windsurfing on a remote lake. If you want to feel more connected with the nature, you can sleep under nature’s canopy in a remote location that can only be accessed by boat or you can also enjoy unspoiled beaches. You will also get the opportunity to have delicious food prepared with organic products. You can take help from a travel specialists who will help you to plan an eco-getaway and ensure you enjoy a sustainable Costa Rican vacation. There are many things you can do to make your eco vacation more memorable:

Spot Wildlife at National Parks of Costa Rica:

National Park of Costa Rica is like a network consisting tropical dry forests, marine areas, wetlands, protected rainforests, and cloud forests. While you will travel to Costa Rica for enjoying a eco vacation, you can visit the national parks and enjoy nature walk with the help of an expert. You can visit beaches, enjoy watching jungle creatures as well as spot different species of colorful birds. You can also learn about the plants with the help of your guide. For better help, you can take Costa Rica National Parks, Rivers and Reserves Map to view the location of these natural attractions. There are also dozens of private nature reserves that has been established for protecting the natural habitat and biodiversity of Costa Rica.

Monteverde Cloud Forest Experience:

Monteverde is one of the well-known destination for eco tourism. There are lush green hillsides where you can enjoy amazing view of the Pacific lowlands. There are hanging bridges, cloud forest reserves and also accommodations which are family friendly. In Monteverde you will find plenty of options to enjoy different types of activities such as zip-ling tour is perfect for enjoying thrilling adventure. You can visit Selvatura Private Reserve that is ideal for the families with young whippersnappers. This park includes butterfly garden and a canopy tour. You can spot a variety of wild animals as well as can spot different species of colorful birds.

Watch Sea Turtles Lay Eggs in Playa Ostional:

Around the last quarter moon, every month, a huge group of egg-laying turtles swim up to the Ostional beach for dropping off their eggs. You can go with your family to watch this amazing scene from a close distance and you kids will really enjoy watching the turtles swimming up then after dropping off their eggs return to the ocean. Though it happens throughout the year, it is best to visit during the month of July to December.

Hike at Cloud bridge Reserve:

People who love to adventure activities, they can go for enjoy hiking at the Cloud bridge reserve. There is  trek in the Talamanca mountains may be in order. Neigbor of the Chirripo (the tallest mountain in the country), Cloud bridge Reserve is suitable for hikers of all ages and endurance levels. You will enjoy a thrilling adventure in the twisting cloud forest and at the time of hiking, you will also enjoy the amazing beauty of the majestic mountains, tropical birds of different species and also visit wonderful waterfalls.

Snorkel at Tortuga Island:

Tortuguero in Caribbean Costa Rica is a secluded island in an already isolated part of the country that is perfect for enjoying your eco vacation. From the mainland you can visit the island with a 90 minute boat ride. Just right off the shore, this isolated island has white sand beaches and swaying palms, along with vibrant coral communities. There you can enjoy scuba diving and snorkeling and also enjoy amazing view of the sites that regularly produce sightings of stingrays, octopi, spinner dolphins, and also sharks.

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