El Silencio Lodge & Spa



El Silencio Lodge & Spa

Created by one of the country’s most famous architects, the El Silencio Lodge and Spa is a unique combination of a natural charm radiating vacation property, a quaint rural farm and earthy countryside homes. Every element (wood, glass, bamboo) involved in the creation of this lodge has been put in place to merge with the rustic aura and create an intrinsically luxury natural hideaway feel. The plush El Silencio Lodge (which means silent in Spanish), true to its name is a serene haven for those who want to enjoy the invigorating spirit of Costa Rica’s natural landscape without the characteristic buzz of a busy tourist resort. El Silencio Lodge & Spa offers everything from convenient guest amenities to a relaxing coffee lounge to a well-equipped media room and gift shop. Add to that a romantic restaurant and over five hundred acres of a carbon offset forest and this lodge becomes one of the most sought after accommodation choices in region. El Silencio is strategically nestled among hidden waterfalls and several other splendid ecological features of this bio-diverse area.

Tours and Amenities

El Silencio Lodge’s surrounding are a perfect place for enjoying a huge variety of naturalist pursuits and adventure based activities that can offer the perfect blend of relaxation and excitement. Some of the top attractions of the area around the lodge are the Poas Volcano, the famous Arenal Volcano and the artistic hotbed- Sachi Arts and Crafts town (popular for the native oxcart that has been recognized as part of mankind’s cultural legacy by the United Nations). Here visitors can feast on a riot of colors in the various craft workshops and artifact stores.  In addition to this, some other much sought after recreational activities in the area include birding, mountain hiking, mountain bike riding, horseback riding through the labyrinth rainforest paths, thrilling canopy zip lining tours, collecting organic vegetable from El Silencio’s picturesque garden, planting trees within the lodge’s premises, going on a super adventurous Elmentos trail (on a almost fantasy like journey that emphasizes of providing guests with an exciting and very particular sensory experience focused on the four dominant elements of nature).

El Silencio’s guests can also enjoy a host of eco adventures starting from a strip to the Hacienda Pozo Azul (a beautiful family owned eco garden premises bang in the center of a lush tropical rainforest. It has a multitude of adventure based pursuits and promises unlimited fun and recreation for the entire family. Culture buffs can savor an incredible cultural experience in the adjoining town of Los Bajos, where tourists can view the workings of a local farm, a photogenic church and an aesthetic local dance rendition and a delectable treat comprising tortillas, fresh dough pies and a refreshing raw sugar beverage.

The lodge’s in-house facilities are a mix of classy elegance and understated comfort. It has everything from the stylish Las Ventanas Restaurant (serving a fine mix of fresh local produces, traditional flavors and globally inspired touches) to the tastefully decorated Esencia Spa (to help visitors relax in a heady natural environment) which lists a wide selection of revitalizing treatments in a blissful ambiance of a therapeutic waterfall, lighted candles and an unmistakable soft breeze. The spa is equipped with an al fresco type Yoga Decck and a Conical Room (specially built to divert the powerful forest energy).


El Silencio Lodge’s accommodation profile comprises sixteen snug, plush and expansive bungalows and sprawling cottages that are built all around a beautifully tiered landscape. Each suite is elevated on pillars for allowing it to be in sync with the jungle’s natural elements, while also displaying bamboo ceilings, energy efficient electricity and a gas fireplace.



El Silencio Lodge & Spa

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