Finca Tierra Organic Permaculture Farm & Eco-Lodge

Finca Tierra Organic Permaculture Farm & Eco-Lodge 1

Finca Tierra Organic Permaculture Farm and Eco-Lodge is an ideal place for vacationers who wish to experience living in sustainability, try out a purely organic diet and become closely connected with nature. The organic farm is based in Puerto Viejo de Talamanca, a coastal town in the Province of Limon of Costa Rica. Finca Tierra Organic Permaculture Farm & Eco-Lodge 2 The operators of the farm incorporate permaculture principles to promote sustainable lifestyle. For tourists, they have a superb program that offers them accommodations in eco lodges and educational tours of the farm. The main goal of Finca Tierra is to motivate people to live in a sustainable and enjoyable manner. They provide hands-on experience and workshops to educate people about sustainable agriculture, agroforestry, alternative construction and energy resources, ethno-botanical medicine and wildlife conservation.

The farm is completely powered by solar energy and harvests both rainwater and natural spring water. There are food forests and organic farms that supply most of the food products in Finca Tierra’s kitchen. All the meals prepared in the farm kitchen utilize fresh and organic ingredients. Even the buildings in the farm are built with natural eco-friendly materials.

The Owners of Finca Tierra

Finca Tierra is operated by the husband and wife team, Ian Macaulay and Ana Gaspar Aguerri. Ana and Ian both share a great love for ecological lifestyle and permaculture principles. With their determination and passion, they created a perfect combination of food forest, organic gardens and natural buildings and named it Finca Tierra. Ian is an entrepreneur, artist and farmer and hails from Ohio in the United States while Ana is a Costa Rican human rights lawyer. They co-founded Finca Tierra and have become untiring advocates of environmental sustainability.

Farm Stay Housing Options

Finca Tierra Organic Permaculture Farm & Eco-Lodge 3 Finca Tierra features two options for accommodations; outfitted campsites and bamboo cabins. Outfitted Campsites are perfect for those who enjoy the outdoors, nature sounds and starlit skies. They are completely covered by a large tent with screened ventilation. They are furnished with a cozy queen size bed, lounge chairs and a solar lantern. All the camps have private bathrooms and showers with bio-thermal hot water supply. Bamboo Cabins have a raised foundation on stilts accessed by a ladder. They have the same facilities as the camps. Amenities include WiFi internet access in communal areas and daily maid service.


Three meals a day are prepared by the cooking staff of the farm kitchen. All the dishes are made from fresh, organic materials that are harvested from the food forest. The recipes used to cook the food are traditional, farmhouse style and originate from the Afro Caribbean culture. There are varieties of dishes in the menu and all of them are delicious and healthy.

Contact Finca Tierra Organic Permaculture Farm & Eco-Lodge

Location: Playa Cocles, Puerto Viejo de Talamanca, Province of Limon, Costa Rica
Phone Number: +506 8390 8348

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