Find Inner Peace in Costa Rica’s Vajira Sol Yoga Adventures

Vajra Sol Yoga Adventures If you’ve been dying to get away from the demands of the fast-paced city life and want nothing more than to find a tranquil and peaceful place that will calm your spirit, then Costa Rica is perfect for you.

In the Pacific Coast of this famed Latin American country, Vajira Sol Yoga Adventures promises a retreat that will rejuvenate and refresh your mind, body and spirit.


A Balance of Self and Nature

Costa Rica is widely known as a magical place where you can get in touch with your inner self by drawing energy from the natural beauty that encompasses you. With beaches and vast landscapes surrounding you, yoga frees your mind even more–far away from all the distractions of noise, high-rise buildings and the constant honking of cars.

Vajira Sol Yoga Adventures, nestled around free-growing trees, calm blue waters and soft sand, offers nothing less than a full-circle healing and meditiation as you become one with nature.


Pleasant Surprises for the Soul

One thing that sets Vajira Sol Yoga Adventures apart from all the yoga retreats or getaways is that it always has something fresh and surprising to offer guests. The sessions are created in will best tailor-fit the attending groups as well as their levels of skills and abilities. Even the exact location as to where the yoga sessions will be conducted may vary depending on what nature intends.


A Careful Fusion of Yoga Style

double-tree-pose Anusara yoga blended with Vinyasa flow is the primary style of yoga offered in Vajira Sol Yoga Adventures. It focuses on “heart-opening” postures and synchronizing poses. Each session would normally last from one and a half to two hours. These yoga sessions are conducted on wooden decks and comfortable platforms surrounded by the breeze and the sea of green trees and blue waters.


Open to all Levels

Vajira Sol Yoga Adventures believes in embracing everyone who wants to experience a holistic yoga retreat they will never forget and keep coming back to,

All yoga enthusiast or beginners are welcome to the Vajira Sol Yoga Adventures. This yoga sanctuary aims to either maintain or advance the yoga skills of visiting meditation buffs in the best and most effective way possible.


Other than Yoga

Besides giving world-class and unforgettable yoga sessions, the Vajira Sol Yoga Adventures offers surf sessions and lessons as well. Lessons are conducted directly on the hotel’s beachfront–another instantaneous convenience. Those who prefer to revive their spirit through being one with the waters can experience 80 degrees Fahrenheit of waves so no wetsuit is necessary.

Vajira Sol Yoga Adventures also recommends mixing both surfing and yoga throughout the course of your stay in this Costa Rican meditation haven. You’d be surprised as to how these two deeply connect with each other to create the ultimate tranquil and fun vacation.

Apart from the yoga and surfing lessons Vajira Sol Yoga Adventures offers, delectable restaurants and prime authentic cuisines surround the area. No vacation is complete without indulging yourself in simply good food–without the guilt.

Truly the Vajira Sol Yoga Adventures is a Mecca for all who desire utmost relaxation, peace and quietude without compromising fun and excitement.


Getting There

From San Jose, take the Prospero Fernandez Expressway. It’s only a 15-minute drive. Once you’re in Santa Ana, simply follow the signs to get you to Vajira Sol Yoga Adventures.



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