Best 10 Places to do Yoga in Costa Rica

Yoga teacher Destiny White at Anamaya yoga retreat center in Montezuma, Costa Rica

There is no doubt that yoga provides peace of mind and is also helpful in maintaining a slim and sleek body. Many tourists like to do yoga and get yoga practice when they visit the beautiful country of Costa Rica. There are many places which have excellent yoga retreat packages along with surfing opportunities for people as well while their services are excellent, the money that they charge is also reasonable. It’s for this reason that many tourists often visit Costa Rica to be completely spell bounded by the excellent yoga places in Costa Rica. There are different yoga styles taught in different yoga studios while it is not only the yoga classes provided which matter but also the added ability of these yoga institutes to provide quality surfing and beaching opportunities which make them really brilliant. Here is the list of the top10 yoga places in Costa Rica.

1. Permaculture and Yoga Program

Awaken Retreats – Rancho Delicioso has a new program where you can learn the basics of permaculture in an eco village while doing daily yoga. Very unique and in a great part of the country.

2. Anamaya

Anamaya is also a well known surf camp but is noted most for its world class views and location right next to a large waterfall. Should not be missed!

3. Danyasa Eco Retreat

Danyasa features first on our list by dint of their excellent yoga services. Their focus is to provide the best yoga classes to their customers which make them better than the rest.

4. Luna Lodge

Luna Lodge is an excellent yoga institute which provides brilliant yoga services.  Visitors like it due to their excellent retreat centers in which yoga classes are given.

5. Montezuma Yoga

Montezuma Yoga institute which also offers quality yoga services and treatment to people visiting Costa Rica.

6. Nosara Yoga Institute

Featuring at no.6 in our list is the Nosara Yoga Institute which is known for its quality instructors and state-of-the-art yoga facilities. There is no doubt that Nosara Yoga Institute is the most visited by tourists.

7. Pura Vida Adventures

The Pura Vida Adventures offers yoga and surfing options for ladies which make them also rate highly on our list. Their packages are excellent and the pricing is reasonable which makes them very popular among people of all ages.

8. Pranamar Ocean Front and Yoga Retreats

Pranamar Ocean Front and Yoga retreats also provide quality services and the yoga classes in particular are very helpful in learning about yoga.

9. Samasati

Samasati is on our list due to their excellent yoga facilities that offer the opportunity to perform surfing on the most revered beaches of Costa Rica. This helps it really stand out among other yoga institutes and retreat centers.

10. Zen Yoga Studio

We enjoy Zen Yoga Studio, whose wonderful yoga instructors help you in achieving eternal peace of mind and comfort.

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