Zip Line Tours in Costa Rica

Getting a thrill out of exploring Costa Rica is one thing but zip lining your way through this country is another. Be it 60 seconds of a fast slide down the mountain slopes or an hour of slow suspension along dense rainforests, this increasingly famous outdoor activity is definitely a must-try if you’re in the country.

Be ready to feel one with the birds, high above the lakes and rivers and surrounded by nothing but streaks of green, brown and blue with this unique thrilling experience.


Manuel Antonio Dream Forest Canopy Tour

Manuel Antonio is world-renowned for its rich forests and abundant wildlife. It also has a recent addition more than its canopy tour. Zip lining your way in this beautiful park allows you to soar above the trees, jungles and the rivers of the Central Pacific.

Aside from the zip lines, enjoy a relaxing walk in the park for a chance to spot three-toed sloths, howler monkeys, lizards, rare frogs, colourful butterflies and many more. Get to know more about the vast vegetation and evergreen of this area as well with the help of a bilingual tour guide.


Lake Arenal Costa Rica Zip Lining

Virgin rainforests surround the Arenal Volcano and once you’re ready for the rush, you’ll be atop and around these beautiful forests via the zip lines. Even if this is an extreme experience of acquired taste, extreme safety is guaranteed by the people of Lake Arenal Zip Lining tours. You’ll be given a helmet, a pair of gloves and a secured harness and the rest is left for you to enjoy.

There are a lot of zip lining spots around the Arenal area and it’s up to you to pick one and let them know so schedules can be arranged. By the end of your zip line experience, you can also get a CD of your zip lining adventure to take back home with you.


Turu Bari Park Zip Line Tours

San Jose may be well known for the museums, parks and as take-off point to the beautiful beaches, caves and national parks but Turu Bari has made the country’s capital a lot more famous because of its Superman Zip Line Tour.

Everyone who comes ends up loving it, even if each experience may vary from one to another.

The entire line measures 4,000 feet long at an elevation of 315 feet. It is not only the longest zip lining tour in the country but is also the fastest since you can reach up to 55 miles per hour. It may last only for a minute but the definitive experience is surely unforgettable.

The restrictions are as follows:

  • Minimum age is 12 years old, there is no maximum.
  • Minimum height is 5 ft and the maximum is 7 ft.
  • Minimum weight is about 95 lbs and the maximum is around 265 lbs.


Osa Peninsula Zip Line Canopy Tour

Near Corcovado National Park is another spot where you can enjoy zip lining. It consists of 9 platforms of varying heights, 6 traverse cables (one over 300 feet long) with different lengths and a 9-meter elevated observation walkway as well as a 25-meter rappel down beside a stream.

It’s recommended to start as early as possible with their first tour at 8:00 in the morning. They also do hotel pick-ups and drop-offs. The rates which start at $45 are also inclusive of a canopy tour in the Mahogany Park.

It may not be typically advisable to those who are afraid of heights but it is highly recommended for those who want a literally, breathtaking experience in this great American country, get yourself locked into that harness and glide your way through excitement and adrenaline rush!


Getting  There

If you’re staying in one of the principal hotels in San Jose, people from the zip lining tours can do hotel pick-ups and drop-offs. If not, there are a lot of public buses, car rentals and even taxis to get you there. The most highly-recommended thing to do is to schedule it so you won’t have anything else to worry about.



Places to Stay Near Zip Lining Areas

Ojala Lodge

The Springs Resort and Spa

Arenal Kioro Suites and Spa




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