Hot Air Balloon Rides in Costa Rica


A hot air balloon ride can be quite an adventure and it creates the opportunity to see and feel the enormity of the world. There are some experienced tour companies in Costa Rica including Serendipity, MrToco and Centaura that offer amazing rides which are safe and smooth. Ballooning in Costa Rica creates a sense of freedom and inner joy. A tropical, green, beautiful and exotic country, Costa Rica offers a veritable smorgasbord of interests for the adventurous at heart to explore. One such activity is that of riding a hot air balloon. There are so many sights to take in within a country that boasts such biodiversity in flora and fauna and in the rich geographical landscape that ballooning is quite possibly the best way to see and experience it all.

hot-air-balloon-rides Visitors are given a unique experience when they arrive to enjoy their day on a hot air balloon. They are able to watch as the balloons are carefully checked before they set themselves aright while being inflated with the hot air that will ultimately provide the impetus by which they will eventually rise off the ground. After takeoff in a traditional wicker basket, the pilot acts as a guide where the most interesting natural sights are explained and highlighted making the journey seem shorter and allowing the traveler to be less apprehensive about the experience. No more than six persons including the pilot are allowed on any balloon and everyone is given a chance to help with the launch, landing and pick up afterwards.

The journey usually begins before daybreak where passengers are met at a predetermined location and then taken to the lift off point. Depending on the direction that is chosen for the day there is a variety of scenery that can be enjoyed. Natural sights such as the Arenal Volcano, an active volcano that appears to be in a perpetual, personal halo of clouds, rain forests or mountain ranges are just a few of the magnificent offerings on the Costa Rican landscape.  It is also quite possible to find oneself interacting with monkeys on the treetops, dipping into rushing white water rivers or watching the mating rituals of various birds and animals indigenous to the area.

It is possible to find a tour that will offer an experience lasting anywhere from three to five hours from the moment the balloon is being inflated until the passengers are picked up by the chase vehicle. The balloon takes roughly 30 – 45 minutes to inflate but since this is a fascinating process, passengers can count it as part of the overall experience. Finding a place to land can also be part of the fun since passengers help to locate a place that is accessible to the chase vehicle and able to accommodate the base of the balloon. This often provides an excuse to really examine the landscape and enjoy the sights. Balloon rides incorporate the joy of feeling free while being one with nature.

The pilots in Costa Rica are well trained and are certified with international pilots’ licenses for balloons. They are also experts in customer service. The balloons are well maintained by inspectors which all have the safety and security of the visiting passengers at the top of their list of priorities. Regulations are in place to ensure that repairs and maintenance are in accordance to the standards of the United States Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).

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