Hot Air Ballooning in Costa Rica

Riding a hot air balloon in Costa Rica is a completely different way to explore this magnificent coastal country. Imagine being on a silent, seamless and calm flight above the Costa Rican jungles, forests, rivers and even on top a volcano. Experience being suspended atop vast mountains, trails and plains, even getting a chance to touch the trees and see birds in very close views.

This is highly recommended for couples who want to experience a unique honeymoon or some quality vacation away from the demands of the city but of course, it’s not limited to that. If you’re a party of five and can’t wait to hop on to that inflated, colorful wicker basket, go ahead and book your air flight now.

Safety First

The hot air balloons are carefully maintained by the most trusted manufacturers and trained inspectors from Ann Arbor, Michigan. All the inspection and maintaining are in accordance with the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). All pilots are licensed by the FAA and these licenses are valid throughout the entire world.

The average weight limit of the hot air balloon is up to 800 pounds which is an average of 5 people plus the pilot on board.

Due to climate conditions, hot air balloons only take flight at sunrise, between 5:00-5:45AM. This is a perfect time to see the picturesque views of the countryside’s farmlands, lakes, forests and the exotic and rich wildlife.

For a special request and added thrill, you can ask the pilot to suddenly swoop down into the ground like an eagle eager for its prey.

Hot Air Balloon Tours

The Arenal Area

The Serendipity Adventures offer a hot air balloon take-off 20 minutes away from the Arenal Volcano. Pilots keep a 15-mile distance away from the Arenal Volcano since it is still active and considered dangerous. But it does provide a majestic view of it only one can see from the skies.

On really good days, there are great breaks where you find the balloon sitting atop the white sheets of clouds, passing through the skies.

The main goal of this tour provided by the Serendipity Adventures is to fly low near the rivers, lakes, jungles and fields. This is to give their guests the most unique thrill of seeing these natural beauties of Costa Rica up close and the experience is just breathtaking. You could also get to see sloths, monkeys, pelicans, toucans and many more reptiles, amphibians and animals famed in the country.

The balloon takes an average of 30 minutes to inflate and the entire ride is about 45 minutes and could last for 2 hours. The average ride is about 1 hour and 15 minutes which is more than enough time to maximize this one-of-a-kind flight experience.

The price is $1,200 for a chartered ride but per person will cost $345 for a ride.

The Turrialba Area

The Turrialba Volcano is two hours away from San Jose and this mountaneous beauty hasn’t erupted since 1866. It is one of the volcanoes you can actually walk into.

Apart from this rare opportunity, aboard your hot air ballon you will be able to see the rivers surrounding the volcano plus the abundant wildlife. Who knows? Maybe you’d even get to see thrill-seekers rafting their way through the wild rivers.

An interesting part of this trip is getting to hover above the lost city of Costa Rica, Guyabo. Moreover, you’d be able to see the pristine beaches of the Caribbean side of the country.

In Costa Rica, anything is possible and getting on a hot air balloon, being duly taken care of by an expert pilot as well as indulging on a risk-free air flight filled with endless views of everything naturally beautiful, this may just be the ride of anyone’s life.

Getting There

Hotel pick-ups in the Tilajari Hotel is available for anyone who has booked for a hot air balloon flight. It is near Muelle which is 30 minutes away from La Fortuna.

Places to Stay

Hotel Tilajari

Turrialba Bread & Breakfast

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