Howler Monkey Hotel

Howler Monkey Hotel is situated a few minutes from Montezuma, Costa Rica. It is a nestled in the off-the beaten path place and in the fishing village of Cabuya. If you want to escape from the hustle and bustle of the daily civilized life and want to enjoy tranquility, you will find this jungle hotel absolutely perfect. You will find this place ideal to unwind by the pool, enjoy reading book in a hammock or go for beach combing along the deserted beaches. Within walking distance from this hotel you will reach town’s two supermarkets, few restaurants, bar and bakery. This hotel is set close to the Cabo Blanco Absolute Nature Reserve so you can go for exploring its natural beauty and from your hotel you might listen the roar of howler monkey.


There are a total of four cabins arranged around a pool. Each cabin has two floors namely the top level and the ground level floor. The bedrooms are located on the top floor while the ground floor contains the dining area, kitchen and the bathroom. Room facilities include  3 twin beds and queen size bed with sheets and pillows, ceiling fan and extra fans if needed, kitchenette with utensils and dishes. There is outdoor patio with dining area and hammock.

Other Facilities:

You will also get some other extra amenities like free laundry service, BBQ pit, free WiFi and free parking. Howler Monkey Hotel also features eating area with each cabin and includes hammock. In the property you will also find pool and bar surrounded by the cabins and from there you will enjoy amazing ocean view.

Nearby attractions:

Some of the tourist attractions around the Howler Monkey hotel are:

  • The Montezuma Falls: The falls contains several waterfalls over the rocks. Therefore, it is the best place if you want to relax in the cool water.
  • Montezuma canopy: Touring the canopy involves a couple of activities including zip-lining.
  • Mal Paisa and Santa Theresa: For those people who love surfing, this is the best destination for you.

Things to do:

Zip lining:

It is one of the best activities to do at the Howler Monkey hotel. It is normally done when you take a trip to the Montezuma canopy.


When you will go for a tour to the Montezuma falls, you can hike and then later swim in the river.


Howler Monkey Hotel
Cabuya, Montezuma, Costa Rica
Call: 506-2642-0303

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