Isla Uvita, Limon

Uvita Island is one of the most unruffled Islands in Costa Rica. It is so cloistered that is still uninhabited. You can visit Uvita Island. Just rent a boat with a driver. If you go to Cieneguita River, you can find many at the fishing docks. It takes only 40 minutes to reach the deserted island by a boat. The Island is usually safe for expert wave riders. But if you are a amateur, be very careful as surfing spots are risky with thousands of sharp rocks. Rip currents, sharp coral and jelly fishes made this place even more dangerous.


Uvita Island off the Limon coast is perfect for the experienced surfers. This island was not that popular as a surfing destination until 2012. In June 2012 Surfing Magazine published a photo. This incredible footage shows DJ Struntz, Eric Geiselman, CJ Hobgood and Balaram Stack were riding in a monster barrel. Once these renowned big-wave surfers braved to ride the monster barrel at Utiva Island, it slowly became famous as surfing destination.

Here goes a list of companies that provide surf lessons:

Bodhi Surf School

Uvita 360 Surf Camp

Sunset Surf Dominical

Stand up paddle Board

As it is relatively easy for anyone to do, Stand up paddle Boarding is getting very popular in Costa Rica. And physo-psychological benefits are numerous. Stand up paddle Boarding is considered one o the perfect family activities to do in Uvita. One of the main reasons of it’s popularity is that by using a paddle board surfers can enjoy the water and can do some exercises simultaneously. If you are looking for peaceful yet thrilling way to spend some time, try Stand up paddle Boarding at Uvita as it offers many places where you can start your SUPing.

Here goes a list of companies that provide great SUP experience

Bodhi Surf School

Uvita 360 Surf Camp


Canyoning is one of the water sports that are getting very popular in Uvita as the controlled descent needs no prior experience to enjoy. Through canyoning you can get the opportunity to discover some of Costa Rica’s most beautiful waterfalls. There are many tour companies in Costa Rica that offer you with a unique Canyoning that you will remember forever. Canyoning in one of the most biologically diverse areas on earth is an experience of a life time.

You can try these companies for Canyoning tour


There are many more exciting things to do near Uvita Island that include: Zip Lines & Nature ToursWhite Water Rafting, & Kayak tours.

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