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Kelea Surf Spa is an all inclusive, luxury surf camp and spa exclusively built for women. It has two branches – one in Costa Rica and other in Hawaii. The deluxe vacation retreat is ideal for all the women out there who are avid surfers, sports enthusiasts and have a strong passion for yoga and fitness.

Kelea Surf Spa 2 In Costa Rica, Kelea Surf Spa is found on a panoramic beach town of Mal Pais on the Southern Nicoya Peninsula, in the Puntarenas province. The surf camp offers exquisite accommodations, delicious gourmet meals, innovative surf lessons, yoga classes, reposing spa treatments and body massages. If you are not interested in sports and are just tagging along with your friend, you don’t have to worry about facing boredom. At Kelea Surf Spa, there is a lot more than surfing and sports! You can enjoy a leisurely strolls on the beach, some frolicking in the waves, tranquil nature walks in the jungle, shopping or simply hang out by camp’s poolside with a refreshing beverage. The surf and yoga was founded in 2000 by Elenice Senn, Stephanie Tufts and later joined by Annie Sweeney. It was pioneered to enable women from all walks of life to take a break from their stressful lives and indulge in pure luxury, fun and adventures. Make your tropical respite in Costa Rica memorable and delightful by joining Kelea Surf Spa.

Surf and Spa

Kelea Surf Package features several kinds of deals and packages that include lodging in a charming cottage, transport service, 3 healthy gourmet meals a day, one hour long revivifying massage session, yoga classes, surf lessons with the professionals, luxurious spa treatments and provision of high quality surf equipment and suitable surfbaords. Packages are completely customizable allowing guests to fashion their itinerary just the way they desire. Besides yoga, surfing and spa services, vacationers can add other activities such as hiking, power walking, snorkeling, whale watching, horseback riding, kayaking trips, scuba diving, kite surfing, windsurfing and swimming. The surf classes are available for beginners, intermediates or seasoned surfers. Both private and group classes are available. They are conducted by professional and experienced instructors who make each class fun, effective and innovative.
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In Mal Pais, Kalea Surf Spa has a large resort featuring private and double shared cottages. The resort is enveloped by luscious green gardens, white sand beach and lovely ocean breeze. It has a close proximity to the beach. During their stay, vacationers are offered a scrumptious breakfast every morning followed by surf classes and soothing massage session in the afternoon. The resort has a traditional Costa Rican design boasting expansive rooms, a swimming pool, a functional kitchen area and a spacious lounge. Guests can either rent a private cottage or share it with other guests. Each room affords views of the beach and ocean.

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Location: Mal Pais, Costa Rica
Phone Number: 949 492 7263
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