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Considered as one of the top surf shops and schools of the country, Kina Surf Shop is standing on the white sand beach of Santa Teresa, in the Southern Nicoya Peninsula, Costa Rica.
Kina Surf Shop 2 Kina Surf guarantees to make your tropical surf retreat truly memorable, fun and unparalleled. It has been around for five decades helping and guiding the surfers in every way they can. Whether you need to get your surfboard fixed, want to a new one or wish to rent equipment for few days, the folk at Kina will provide you with superb customer service. Located right on the beach, the shop has become widely known among surf enthusiasts for their hard work, amazing services, great location and high end products in different variety. The shop has surfboard, surf clothes, bikinis rash guards, beach accessories and so much more. The school offers surf lessons to beginners, intermediates and veterans. Vacationers can check the schedules and programs on the website and if they are interested, they can make reservations online. Ride the waves, explore the beaches and enjoy your tropical surf experience with Kina.

Surf Lessons with Kina Surf

At Kina Surf, students are taught to surf by a group of professional, experienced and efficient surf instructors who are awesome in their field and know how to handle a class. Students are divided into three groups based on their skills and experience in the water. The groups are beginners, intermediates and advanced. While beginners practice on the local beach and surf gentle waves, intermediates and advanced surfers are taken on expeditions to various surf breaks in the region. Both private and group classes are available. The teachers design lessons in such a way that they are knowledgeable as well as interesting. The instructors at Kina are ISA certified, bilingual and have been trained as lifeguards. The classes are one and half hour long. During the class, students are provided with suitable surfboards and rash guards. Kina is open everyday from 9 am till 5 pm.

The Team of Kina Surf

Kina Surf Shop 3 Kina Surf Shop is managed and owned by a bunch of avid surfers from New Zealand. They are merry, knowledgeable and amazing hosts. Whether you are joining a surf lesson, buying equipment or renting a board, you will find the staff helpful, honest and quite cordial.

Kina Surf Shop Sale and Rental

Kina Surf Shop features a wide range of surf gear and beach accessories. Each product is high end, affordable and durable. You can find numerous kinds of surfboards both for rent and sale. Other products include rash guards, surf clothes, funky bikinis, book guides and souvenirs.

Contact Kina Surf Shop

Location: 100 meters from Pizza Tomate in Plaza Solar #3, Santa Teresa, Costa Rica
Phone Number: 506 264 00627
Facebook Page:

A Surf Adventure with Kina Surf Shop

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