Nicoya Beaches of Costa Rica: Enjoy Privacy and Seclusion

The Nicoya Beaches of Costa Rica may not be as popular as the other beaches in the country but these beaches certainly use their isolated locations and beautiful sands and seas to their advantage– in more ways than one.

Situated west of Puntaneras and south of Guanacaste, Costa Rica’s Nicoya Beaches promise a most satisfying vacation to all those who crave for relaxation and some fresh summer tan in the islands of this tropical coastal country.

The Nicoya Beaches Dotted Along the Peninsula
The great thing about the Nicoya Beaches is that you have a choice on which beaches to go to, depending on the scale of privacy you’d want to experience. Whether or not you came to meet and party with people or have been waiting for a well-deserved, relaxing and solitary vacation, then the beaches of the Nicoyan Peninsula have more than enough to offer.

    Playa Samara
    Along with Playa Nosara, Playa Samara is considered as one of the most popular beaches of Nicoya. It’s located right in the heart of Western Nicoya and houses a good number of hotels, restaurants and bars along with amenities and activities offered the whole year-round.

    Playa Tamarindo
    This beach is the most famous one in the Nicoya Peninsula and one of the most favorite in the whole of Costa Rica. One good reason why it’s a big hit for tourists everywhere is that it’s located in the northernest tip of Nicoya which is very accessible to all the boats, airplanes and cars coming in. Another reason is that its location calls for challenging surfing.

    Playa Montezuma
    A big hit and a melting pot of all that is eclectic is found in this Nicoya Beach. Mostly flocked by younger crowds who want nothing less than a great time at a reasonable rate, Playa Montezuma houses all kinds of people mostly backpackers and those who are on a budget trip. Be that as it may, this beach is steadily making a name for itself.

    Playa Mal Pais
    Even if its name means “Bad Land,” Playa Mal Pais lives up far from how it’s called. Explore the south tip where you will find the Cabo Blanco Nature Reserve- a natural sanctuary for a vast, abundant flora and fauna.

    Santa Teresa
    Just off the north side of Playa Mal Pais, Santa Teresa is another one of those Nicoya Beaches that aren’t too crowded but offers nothing less than extraordinary panoramic views of landscapes, crystal blue waters and pristine white sand. This beach stands out as a good surfing spot too.

Apart from Frolicking in the Nicoya Beaches
Water sports like fishing, surfing, snorkeling and diving are among other things you can do around here if you’re done sunbathing or swimming. The Nicoya Beaches have numerous amenities so enjoy it while you’re there.

If you’d like to explore the other side of Nicoya, nature reserves, subterranean caves, bird-watching spots and vast vegetation are found here. So if you want to take a break from the water or done relaxing on the sand, go ahead and take your chances with these sightings.

Widely acclaimed for its beaches, Costa Rica has a lot to be proud of when it comes to its Nicoya Beaches. With a multitude of well-commercialized and untouched beaches dotted along the peninsula, tourists who want nothing short of a well-spent time under the sun should highly consider coming over to these islands.


Getting There

Nicoya Beaches have become more accessible as more and more beach bums are visiting the place. These impeccable beaches can be reached by boat, airplane and car. You can take a ferry from Puntaneras, drive a car from San Jose or the Central Pacific Town or hop on a plane from Tambor or Samara Domestic Airports.



Places to Stay Near Nicoya Beaches

Casa Valeria

Nautilus Residential Hotel

Bahia Luminosa Beach Hotel


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