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Based in Cahuita, a vibrant little town in the Province of Limon, Kindred Spirits Equestrians Retreats invites you on a voyage of self discovery, freedom and self acceptance. They believe that if you openly and honestly interact with horses, you can find who you really are and lead a better life by being true to yourself. Kindred Spirits - Horse Riding Treks and Retreats 3 At Kindred Spirits, there are workshops and clinics that will help you achieve this goal. Their main aim is to bring peace and harmony to the body, soul and mind. The workshops offer a combination of yoga, meditation and massage for utmost relaxation and inner peace. After each session, you will gain a new insight and awareness that will gradually help you get in touch with your real feelings. At Kindred Spirits Equestrians Retreats, the time you spend won’t be just any other tropical vacation. The retreat offers you a valuable learning experience and a huge change in perspective that will get you on the road to self discovery.

About the Owners

Kindred Spirits is owned and managed by two best friends, Terry and Nancy, who share a strong love and passion for horses and nature. Their dream became clear the day they first met. They had been living in Costa Rica for a while when they crossed each other’s paths. Nancy, who was in Arenal, came to Terry in Cahuita to buy a filly named Anoushka. They just hit it off instantly and felt a deep connection as if they known each other for years. By sharing their experiences, personal stories and inspirations, Nancy and Terry succeeded to turn their dream into reality in the shape of Kindred Spirits Equine Retreats

Yoga in Harmony with Horses Retreats

Have a truly unique and a life changing experience by practicing yoga with horses at Kindred Spirits Equestrians Retreats. The retreat offers holistic riding that treats the person as a whole, considering mental, spiritual as well as physical factors. Holism helps to form an intimate interconnection between body, breath, mind and soul. By combining yoga and horseback riding, the retreat allows people a chance to become more aware of themselves, attain balance in life and become focused and flexible. The goal Kindred Spirits - Horse Riding Treks and Retreats 3 of this program is to form a bond between the horse and the rider to create trust, understanding and harmony. By practicing Yoga in Harmony with Horses, you will learn to fill your mind with peace and rejuvenate and energize your soul and body. At the same time, the horse will mirror your emotions and will become relaxed and closer to you.

The program is not limited to yoga, there is so much more to it! In the morning, vacationers enjoy a healthy and organic breakfast after a yoga session. Jungle trekking and horseback riding along the Caribbean shores take place in the afternoon followed by snorkeling on the coral reef. When the sun goes down, sip on your Pina Colada, listen to tranquil nature sounds and relish your taste buds by eating delectable dishes.

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Location: Cahuita, Province of Limon, Costa Rica
Phone Number: +506 2755 0035

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