Kite-boarding in Costa Rica


Costa Rica is gifted profusely with breathtaking beach and lake sites to take pleasure in kite-boarding and kite-surfing.  Kite-boarding in Costa Rica can be an awesome voyage or a touching adventure; even though you’re traveling there for your first kite surfing experience. There isn’t year-round kiting, however; you’ll be able to get spots almost through out the year, with superb wind conditions from October to May. But, you can also take a crack at some of the kite spots during the off-season. You may be the only kite boarder out there at that time and you’ll have less hours of wind, but it can be the desirable combination for a one-of-a-kind exploration as you pioneer these beaches.

kite boarding There are plenty of beaches in Costa Rica on the Atlantic and Pacific coasts. Kite-surfing beaches are to be found mostly in the northwest area of the country. There are kite and windsurf beaches in Guanacaste, Bahia Salians, and LakeArenal. You will also get kite surfing spots on the western or Pacific side of Costa Rica, edging at the north by way of Salinas, down from Guanacaste to MalPais, on top of the Central Pacific Jacó, and further south. If you’re more of the windsurfing type, you can get started with Costa Rica windsurf guide and glance at the favorite places of kite-surfing in Costa Rica.

Planning your next Kite-boarding trip, kite-board lessons, or just getting some kite adventures in Costa Rica is quite simpler now than ever. There are many fully equipped launching areas and kite-surf schools, impressive beach and lake locations, and an amazing stable wind season for nearly seven months of a year, from early November to end of May. The leading kite-surf spots can average a speed of 19+ knots on most days during the season, with hard-wearing wind for 7-10 hours a day. You’ll get kite boarding equipment for rent, kite-surf classes and instructors, local kite-surfers, and everything from the IKO program to a quicker rough and tumble start. More eminently, always you’ll find the rousing natural beauty of Costa Rica’s beaches, coupled with gracious service.

costa-rica-kite-boarding You’ll get kite-boarding equipment and lessons as it should be for almost all levels, from advanced riders looking to jerk out some tricks to first-timer looking for a first kite-surfing lesson. Here, you can find top kite-surf instructors of the world who are currently based in Costa Rica with their own equipment and setup. They regularly have local riders or assistant instructors rallying round for the season between November and May. If you don’t want to rent your gear, you can buy new and branded gear for your kite-boarding or second-hand gear at discounted prices, from preceding seasons and from traveling kite-surfers.

You have to choose the kiting spot that matches your needs best as availability, prices, and styles vary considerably from place to place. You can buy or rent anything you need at any of the top spots, but it’s better to plan ahead and call or get your favorite gears. It may also be a wise decision to coordinate with your preferred kite-surf trainer at that spot as well, because many have their own setup for board.

Finally, Pick a date and be ready to start exploring your kite-surf adventure in Costa Rica.  Have a nice adventure.

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