La Sabana Park

La Sabana Park

La Sabana Park identifies with the ideal definition of a park because it has everything, from jogging facilities, to tennis court etc. The range of activities one can do in the park is wonderful and it caters to absolutely everything that it requires to uphold the crowd’s attention. Every morning you would see people hovering in the park, chilling with friends, or jogging away or even having a picnic. During the lunch time, people gather around and also enjoy their lunch break there. Because the park is surrounded by shyscrapers and high storied corporate buildings, working professionals find it very easy to go there and enjoy their lunch break there. It has two hold, one is getting in touch with the nature and relishing a good meal in the open air.

La Sabana The Park is situated in San Jose, Costa Rica. It was first introduced back in 1977. But it had its origin way back in 225 years ago, where a priest named Manuel Antonio Chapuí donated significant amount of land to favor Costa Ricans in general. The main idea was to give the people something surreal within the city. This place is still referred to as the “lungs of San Jose”. Some even compares this park with the renowned New York’s Central Park.

In today’s day and age we see significant growth surrounding the park. Everywhere you look around it, you would find busy people trying to get their things done, but once they step into the La Savana zone, something changes completely and they embraces this magical journey within the city and gets rid of their tension. The place is most crowded during the afternoon where you would see a variety of activities happening all at once without compromising anyone’s space. From biking, jogging, skating, cycling to a quiet chitchat, you can find all of that here.

parque-la-sabana When you’re visiting San Jose, it is only wise to book your hotel before you arrive. This is a busy place and if you want to make sure you would stay in the hotel you wanted, do book early. There are several 5 star hotels which are not too far from the park. There are also 4 stars available. You can even get the B&B hotels. Some of the highest rated hotels are, Garden Court Express, Casa Isabella Costa Rica in Escazu, Real Intercontinental Hotel & Club Tower Costa Ric, Radisson San Jose Costa Rica, Hotel royal dutch, Hotel Europa and many more. These hotels would give you the perfect balance of elegance and comfort. They know what you want and each of their packages has something extraordinary to offer. Be sure to look through every package before you take the ultimate decision. Also select your hotels based on the time you would be staying there, because if you’re visiting for only few hours or just one day it would be rather safe to get the closest hotel from the airport.

The place has been famous for the longest time and it doesn’t seem to cease now. The most intriguing part about the place is that it is like a core of serenity in the midst of such busy life style.

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