Leaves and Lizards Arenal


Leaves and Lizards Arenal

A small, casual and intimate accommodation option, Leaves and Lizards Arenal Volcano Retreat is sprawls across more than 26 acres of a picturesque hill landscape and a remarkable country style old fashioned charm, highlighted by a mountain valley topography. Initially set up as a dairy, Leaves and Lizards was deforested and segregated into 30 pastures. The present owners of the lodge purchased this old-fashioned property in 2006 and planted no less than 3000 trees in the premises. They were also responsible for dedicatedly working for the preservation of the land’s springs and rainforest restoration. Leaves and Lizards is also a popular base for scholars and environmentalists looking to carry out research on the area’s much chronicled bio diversity. This unpretentious dairy farm lodge is as sought after for its well-bred horses (and exciting equestrian trails) as for its countryside farm experiences like taking part in morning farm chores (think cheese making, milking cows and collection of eggs). This quaint property is ideal for patrons who seek a minimalist, no-fuss natural experience in a tranquil environment minus any trimmings of a more polished, up market luxury holiday eco lodge.

Tours and Amenities

Leaves and Lizards is famous for its authentic nature and adventure tours that vary from the popular equestrian tours to the rugged nature hikes to country side tourism pursuits. The pure pedigree and impeccably trained horses hold pride of the place at this eco lodge and are utilized for conducting a wide range of riding tours at different rider levels. These equestrian tours transverse all places from hidden trails to a rich topographical landscape of rolling hills and thriving rainforests to banks of glistening rivers and serene villages. Each trek is conducted by three guides, a proficient bilingual naturalist, a local cowboy and an experienced horseman. Apart from this, Leaves and Lizards lets visitors savor a wide range of pleasurable natural experiences like exploratory hikes, a visit to the town’s farmers’ market, a tour of the pristine Tabacon River hot springs and swimming down the town river.  There are also some fascinating rural tours that are designed for promoting involvement of the local community and fostering cultural exchanges between visitors and locals. Some other sought after tours organized by Leaves and Lizards include competitive sports fishing at Arenal Lake, zip line tours, canoying, rafting, a guided day tour of the area, a trip to the Tico Farm, a thrilling Jungle River Safari Boat, adrenaline soaring air ballooning, an adventurous primary rainforest trip, a tour of the Tortuguero National Park and a visit to the Proyecto Asis Wild Animal Rescue Center.

In addition to several farm based activities, Leaves and Lizards’ patrons can relax in the midst of its lush settings and experience several soothing wellness therapies and treatments. The spa has a variety of native medicinal cures for a large list of ailments. A tiny, intimate and simple charm sporting restaurant is also present in the lodge’s property.


Leaves and Lizards’ accommodations are created in the form of pleasantly rural, well equipped and snug wood cabins that are crafted out of a staggering nine varieties of hardwoods. Each cabin is strategically built to offer captivating vistas of the Arenal Volcano and other surrounding natural scenic gems. Every accommodation is harvested using eco friendly methods, and is equipped with all comfortable amenities including a Wi Fi connection, iPod stereo, comfy orthopedic beds (covered by a spread of 700 thread Egyptian sheets), coffee machines, indoor games, relaxing rocking chairs, mini fridges, spacious porches, bath robes, reference literature and independent bathrooms (with hot water showers). There a plusher Heliconia House accommodation, located close to the main lodge structure features all the amenities of the cabins, in addition to air conditioning. The Hummingbird Hacienda, attractively housed behind the main lodge building on a private hill offers a bunch of comfortable world-class in room amenities. It is specifically designed for offering the perfect amount of seclusion and luxury.



Leaves and Lizards Arenal


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