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Luna Lodge is nestled in the rolling hillsides of Playa Carate, in the Osa Peninsula near the Corcovado National Park. The lodge boasts a view of the Pacific Ocean and virgin rain forests where hundreds of tropical birds and monkeys dwell in. Luna Lodge 2 Luna Lodge is one of the establishments that are quickly growing in popularity in Costa Rica. It is a resort that promises a once in a lifetime experience to tourists who want to enjoy a healthy and ecologically friendly lifestyle. Its goal is to create an environment that promotes the cultivation of a natural setting that is slowly being consumed by modern amenities like condominiums and office buildings. Luna Lodge is a place where people have a chance to see the world as it is in its glorious and natural splendor.


Accommodations at the Luna Lodge come in the form of eight simple yet comfortable, spacious and practical thatched roofed bungalow abodes. Each bungalow is equipped with two double beds, an independent deck and a private bath complete with hot water shower. There is a special honeymoon suite that comes with a king size bed. The rooms are categorized into Hacienda Styled Rooms, Colonial Style Hacienda Rooms and enclosed Nature Lover Platform Tents. All rooms have been strategically built with expansive windows to offer spectacular vistas of the ocean and verdant jungles while ensuring good air circulation and a spacious feel. Other luxurious features include a mountain deck where guests can enjoy bird watching and tropical sunset vistas, a rock-encrusted swimming pool where vacationers can rest or sunbathe after a long day of touring the countryside and an elegant restaurant that serves international dishes and organic fruits and vegetables.

Spa and Retreat Center

Luna Lodge 3 Luna Lodge has a spa where one can relax while enjoying the scenery. The in-house Luna Spa features a large assortment of wellness treatments and holistic relaxation therapies to refresh the mind and body. There are hands-on Reiki healing sessions along with a delicious appearing Chocolate Therapy to inspire guests to relax in the midst of a therapeutic natural setting. All the spa services are performed by trained and certified professionals. Aside from that, Luna Lodge also has a rustically elegant retreat center built is an open-air style. It offers various therapeutic activities like aromatherapy, Tai Chi and Yoga. This place provides the perfect backdrop for meditation, relaxation, corporate events, creative work and visualization techniques.


Luna Lodge offer supervised tours around the Osa Peninsula. Guides will show you the hiking trails where you can learn about the local flora and fauna. You can see the beaches, which have an abundance of sand-dwelling wildlife, as well as beautiful marine life in the ocean.

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A Tranquil Respite at Luna Lodge, Osa Peninsula

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