Eco-Lodges in Osa Peninsula


Aguila de Osa Inn

Agulia-de-Osa-Inn If you happen to visit Osa peninsula, Costa Rica, then Aguila de Osa Inn is the place to lodge. Its strategic location on Corcovado National Reserve extension, natural beautiful surroundings including clear beaches, rainforests and perfect azure waters all add to the charm of this place. Are you adventurous? Then this is the place for you, with a variety of assorted tours and excursions such as nature hiking tour at the nearby national reserve, Cano Island tour, canopy tours and more, you will definitely have some thrilling activity to undertake. Accommodation provided is great and comfortable.

Bosque del Cabo

Located in the Cabo Matapalo cliffs, this lovely eco lodge gives you a large view of the Pacific Ocean. It is located at the expanse of some 750 acres of prime forestry. The bungalows not only offer the convenience of seclusion but also provide shelter and a complexion that modern amenities can offer. There are also well used and clear trails leading into the forest where you can tour and experience the wonders of nature. This eco lodge is also in the vicinity of pristine beaches with enjoyable activities such as deep sea diving, surfing and more.

Esquinas Rainforest Lodge

esquinas-rainforest Its location along the famous Corcovado National Park and nested on the luxurious Piedra Blancas National Park makes this place great for experiencing the best of  rainforest wilderness and the expansive stretches of the pristine beaches. Are you a nature tourist, an adventurer, a wildlife explorer or a bird watcher? Then this is the place to lodge. A number of tours are organized at the lodge including hiking trails, horseback tours, a trip to Wilson Botanical Garden and more. Accommodation offered at the lodge is world class with in-house amenities such as restaurant, bar and many more.

El Remanso Lodge

el-remanso Are you looking for a place to get warm, relaxing and personalized services? Then El Remanso is the place to lodge. Its location in a rainforest with its system of long winded trails gives you a chance to experience a wide variety of plants and the wide assortment of wildlife in their natural setting. The lodge organizes for a range of assorted activities such as bird watching, hiking, kayaking, waterfall rappelling and tree climbing. Excursions outside the lodge are also organized including hiking tours to Corcovado National Park, surfing tours to the famous Matapalo and many more.

Finca Exotica

finca-exotica This eco lodge is located on the Carate beach in the proximity of Corcovado National Park. This strategic location enables you to experience the wholesome goodness of nature while at the same time offering that comfort and convenience for your vacation retreat. You will enjoy organic foods cultivated in the lodge’s farm as you get accommodated in the unique handcrafted tarzan-type carbinas. The lodge also arranges for a number of assorted nature, adventure and recreational activities such as early morning bird watching, nature hike trips, horseback riding, kayaking and more. Yoga classes are also organized by the lodge.

La Leona Eco Lodge

la-leona-eco-lodge-cr This fascinating eco lodge is curdled in the captivating backdrop of the rainforests of Corcovado and the beautiful Pacific Ocean stretch. The sights, the sound and nature infused fragrance offers a memorable experience. The lodge’s ambience has made this place to be described as one of the world’s places with most biological intensity. The lodge organizes adventure, nature and cultural activities such as daylong kayaking, hiking along river Madrigal, guided tour of the rainforest, horseback riding tours and tours to spot the area’s wildlife. Accommodation is available as back to nature tents equipped with comfortable amenities.

La Paloma Lodge

la-paloma-lodge This lodge is nested in a lofty cliff facing the ocean and the abutting Cano Island. It sprawls across a 24 acres landscape which is in harmony with the adjacent tropical rainforests. Its strategic location gives you a chance to enjoy the stunning view of oceanic sunset from the comfort of your balcony. The lodge organizes a number of adventure and nature activities such as guided jungle hikes, canopy tours, kayaking, spot fishing, scuba diving, horseback riding. Accommodation available includes standard rooms, ranchos and sunset ranchos all well furnished. The lodge also has a very hospitable staff.

Lapa Rios Ecolodge

Lapa-Rios-Ecolodge This beautiful lodge is strategically located in a beautiful rainforest and next to an attractive beach. The eco lodge organizes a range of fascinating activities for its visitors that will make your day and stay memorable. These activities range from the guided rainforest hikes, to the ocean kayaking, to the bird watching, to the horseback riding, to the surfing and other activities. This is an exemplary ecotourism project that is aimed at conserving the rainforests, that a standing forest is more worthy than one cut down. Your stay at the Lapa Rios Eco lodge will definitely be memorable!

Luna Lodge of Costa Rica

Luna-Lodge-of-Costa-Rica This lodge located in the Carate tropical rainforest, sprawls across 150-acres of tropical wilderness. Its well maintained exuberant hill side gardens for growing organic foods is one of the unique features of this lodge. The strategic location in the virgin forest gives the guests a chance to spot a number of unusual and beautiful birds and wild animals. The lodge also features some extraordinary year-round waterfalls, a fast flowing chute and a good wading pool in a few minutes walking distance from the accommodation bungalows. The lodge also organizes a number of guided tours.

Ojo Del Mar Eco Lodge

ojo-del-mar-eco-lodge This eco lodge is strategically located to enable its guests experience the fascinating oceanic views and the adjacent jungle rainforest attractions. It is in full view of untainted beaches to the front and a jungle rainforest to the back. It has well defined trails that lead into the rainforest through which one can tour the jungle rainforest and experience the diverse plants and animals in this natural setting. Its airy and sophisticated lodgings with a bucolic setting are not only of comfort but also make you feel like you are part of the natural surroundings.

Tierra de los Milagros

Tierra-de-los-Milagros Seeking for a spiritual bond and harmony with nature? Then this is the place to lodge for your yoga retreats. It is in seclusion and located in a luxurious tropical rainforest with diverse and some of the rare species of plants and animals. Other features include untainted beaches, the roaring waterfalls and puzzling tide pools. The lodge also organizes a number of nature and adventure activities including sea kayaking, water rappelling, nature hikes, canopy tree climbing, swimming with the dolphins and many more. Accommodation is in form of beautiful thatch-roofed bungalows and foods offered are organic.

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